New Coca Cola advert is facing a backlash

New Coca Cola advert is facing a backlash

Remember when Pepsi ran quite possibly the worst commercial to have ever existed in the history of the universe? Remember that? That ridiculous advert which saw Kendall Jenner stop a potentially violent confrontation between protesters and police by handing them a can of Pepsi? Well, while the majority of the world's population thought that it was completely ludicrous, it obviously caused quite a stir over a Coca-Cola, who also decided to try and produce a similarly absurd advert.

The new Coca-Cola advert has sparked controversy online after it appears to exploit women's rights in Saudi Arabia for commercial gain. Basically, the premise of the advert is that women can drive if they have a drink of Coke.

Father and daughter enjoy a coke Credit: YouTube

The "Change Has A Taste" campaign was designed to celebrate Saudi Arabia's recent order which has finally allowed women to drive after decades of banning them from doing so. While some people have praised the drinks company for celebrating the end of this archaic ban, the majority of social media users have accused Coca-Cola of exploiting the historic ruling in order to create some profit.

The advert follows a father and daughter duo as they go through the experiences of her first driving lesson. As expected, the girl initially struggles to drive, with her stalling the car and knocking over the bottle of coke that her father had opened for her. But, once she has a sip of the good stuff, she suddenly manages to drive smoothly and with a big grin on her face. Basically, if you're worrying about your driving test, have a bottle of Coke beforehand and you should be fine.

Woman drinking coca-cola Credit: YoutTube

Taking to Twitter to share their views on the advertising campaign, one user wrote: "Apparently @CocaCola thinks the answer to the systemic oppression of women in Islamic countries is an ice cold Coke," while someone else sarcastically said: "Wait, what? Women are allowed to drink Coca-Cola? #progressive"

Another user added: "It's not Christmas until you see the Coca-Cola advert, it's not women's rights until they've been tokenised for monetary or political gain."

Despite the negative response to the advert, with many people likening it to the infamous Pepsi x Kendall Jenner advert, Coca-Cola has claimed that the commercial was created as part of its "commitment to enable the economic empowerment of women".

Daughter smiling at father Credit: YouTube

However, not all people thought that the advert was ludicrous. One social media user said: "But it's a celebration of positive social and cultural change." They weren't alone in their opinion, with another user agreeing with them, adding: "The commercial is about Saudi women getting the right to drive! It was about removal of oppression."

While it seems like Coke were genuinely trying to spread a message of positivity, they got it pretty wrong in this case and the advert is cringe-worthy more than anything. They should just stick to their Christmas advert. After all, it's not Christmas until you see that Coca-Cola lorry, right?