Construction workers offer homeless man a job after being impressed by his work ethic 

Construction workers offer homeless man a job after being impressed by his work ethic 

A social media post from a local roofer has gone viral after he told the story of a homeless man who was willing to help him and his colleagues out with a job, after they had bought him a tea in the morning and got chatting with him.

Homeless_Man_Roofing Credit: Facebook/JayJay Murray

JayJay Murray, who is employed by Empire UPVC & Roofing Specialists in Waltham Cross, a town just north of London, took to Facebook to raise awareness for the homeless man, and to talk about his experience working with him, writing:

"We started a new job in London on a high road this week where this homeless man called John was living on a bench in the local park. We brought him a cup of tea early in the morning and offered him to come and help the next day."

"He was first on site and worked non-stop, I have never seen anyone so happy to be at work!

"Got him Burger King for lunch and set him back on his way around London.

"He said £15 will be fine, that this would get him through the week but the boys had a whip round and he set off with £70 at 1pm and asked when he could come back.

"His gratitude was a real eye-opener. Keep going John, got to be something good around the corner. Nobody willing to work should be living on the streets."

It clearly wasn't just JayJay who got a lot out of the experience, with John apparently saying at the end of his shift: "Thanks brothers it's the most love I've ever had."

Homeless_Man_Eating_Burger_King Credit: Facebook/JayJay Murray

The post has unsurprisingly gone viral on social media, with it receiving over 24,000 likes and nearly 6,000 shares at the time of writing, as well as thousands of comments. Many people online were quick to compliment the roofers for their good deed, as well as singling out John for special praise, with one user saying:

"Heartwarming! What a great bunch of guys/roofers... everyone could take a little something from this and change the world into a better place! John, i wish you all the luck in the world, you deserve every opportunity and happiness"

"That restores my faith in humanity. What kindness shown to a complete stranger," wrote another user. "Those great guys may have changed the homeless man's life forever."

Empire roofing gave an update on John's situation on Monday, saying:

"We can't believe how this selfless gesture from the Empire team has gone so far. Just an update for you all- we have had several messages from members of the public offering to house John and now also the sun newspaper are offering to help. As I've already said we couldn't be prouder of the team, welldone [sic] boys! Your kind gesture has definately [sic] not gone unnoticed and you should be proud of yourselves #helpthehomeless #empire #team

Homeless_Man_Helping_Roofers Credit: Facebook/JayJay Murray

It's a truly lovely story, and shows that everybody deserves a chance at life and that our thoughts surrounding homeless people can often be misled and ill-informed. Acts of compassion such as this can really change the lives of the individual for the better, and hopefully there will be some good fortune coming to John sometime soon. Well done JayJay and his team.