Jack the Ripper's final resting place has been revealed

Jack the Ripper's final resting place has been revealed

The Jack the Ripper murders have become infamous for their setting and anonymity. Taking place in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888, a string of five murders and a series of bizarre letters constituted the mythical murderous persona of Jack the Ripper, who stalked the streets of London looking, quite literally, for people to rip apart.

One of the letters was titled "From Hell" and included a box with a piece of kidney. These letters, thought at the time to be a hoax, perpetuated the Jack the Ripper mythos into a kind of madman driven by a need to publicly destabilize society through savagery.

His ultimate identity remains a matter of speculation, but some theories are so close that it seems all but certain. And now, an author who is in expert in Jack the Ripper has come forward with a theory that he believes proves both the grave and identity of the mysterious man of mischief and murder.

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David Bullock is a 41 year old scholar who went into historical records searching for the real Jack the Ripper. Who has Bullock found? Thomas Cutbush, a screwed-up and easily missable man with a history of violence against women. He was committed to an insane asylum in 1891 for stabbing one woman and trying to stab another. He also allegedly had syphilis, which rendered him somewhat insane.

"People always said he died in Broadmoor, but looking at the files, I could see he wasn't buried there."

The real grave? His family's plot in Nunhead Cemetery. Bullock has studied the Ripper for 25 years, and even wrote a book on the man.

"I found his grave by finding out where his other family members were buried, thinking maybe they were buried in the same place. He is buried in Nunhead Cemetery - formerly named All Saints - which was known as the Dead Cemetery because it was one of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries created to bury the dead in London, and it was left to become overgrown and woodland."

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"When you look at the criteria of what makes a viable suspect, there are five or six boxes you need to tick. Cutbush ticks them all. He worked in Whitechapel at the time and knew the area like the back of his hand; he had a hatred towards prostitutes; and his family and friends believed he was linked to this because he had an obsession with medicine, surgery and anatomy.

"He studied medical books and drew pictures of mutilation, and would tell people he was a doctor when he wasn't.

"He associated with prostitutes - this has been confirmed by his family - and he believes he contracted a disease from one of them, and because he thought he was a doctor, he self-medicated and over self-medicated, and ended up with a disfigurement.

"He was arrested in 1891 for attacking two women, and the series of murders stopped."

Credit: Nunhead Cemetery

Well, this all seems fairly conclusive. Jack the Ripper was a mentally unstable nobody with syphilis who hated women and he was buried in his family plot in Nunhead Cemetery. The more you know! RIP Thomas Cutbush. Or, send a real letter 'from hell'.