Ketchup is no longer the UK's favourite sauce for the first time in history

Ketchup is no longer the UK's favourite sauce for the first time in history

There are plenty of debates to be had regarding ketchup, with the main one focusing on where you keep it. Personally, I'm a ketchup in the fridge man, mainly because that is what it says on the bottle, but some people keep it out on the table, and like having their ketchup at room temperature. Whatever you think of the red stuff, there's no doubt it's pretty synonymous with UK food culture. Fish and chips and the full English brekky are both bettered with a dash of red sauce, however, ketchup is no longer the favoured sauce of the UK.

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But if ketchup is no longer the favourite sauce of the gluttonous public in the UK, then what is? Well, the answer to that question is rather surprising: mayonnaise.

In my experience, mayonnaise is more controversial than ketchup. Yes, I know a few people who don't love ketchup, but I know hundreds of people who absolutely despise mayo. Despite the seemingly divided opinion on the sauce (or is it a condiment?), mayo is now reigning supreme in the UK, with sales of the stuff causing it leapfrog ketchup in the most popular sauce this year.

New figures from Kantar Worldpanel show that the egg-based white sauce has been gaining ground on its red counterpart for a while now. Tomato sauce sales in the UK have fallen nearly 3 per cent in the last year, totalling £145.5 million ($192 million). But, mayo has torn past these figures, with sales increasing by 7 per cent and bringing in an eye-watering £152.2 million ($200.8 million). As much as it will annoy fans of ketchup, I'm afraid that the figures don't lie guys, mayo is the new sheriff in the sauce game.

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Laurie Booker, marketing expert at the brand design agency Cowan, spoke to the Sun regarding the revelation, and offered some insight as to why mayo has become so popular in the UK market.

"There have been some interesting innovations within mayo while ketchup has remained largely the same.

"A wider flavour choice means mayo has become more appealing and intriguing."

As well all know, mayo and ketchup aren't the only sauces vying it out for top spot; what about barbeque sauce, sweet chilli or mustard? Amelia Hewitt, a spokeswoman for Kantar Worldpanel spoke to the Daily Telegraph regarding the other competitors, saying: "Salad cream struggled [last] year as we eat fewer salads as standalone main meals, while brown sauce is likely to have suffered as shoppers move away from processed meats due to health concerns."

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It's not just in the UK where the white stuff is booming; a 2004 study in Russia found that mayo is also the most sold sauce there as well. Not done there, Chile ranks third in the world's consumers of mayonnaise per capita consumer, and is top of the class when it comes to Latin America.

So there we go guys, it looks like the days of ketchup may be numbered. For me, it still reigns supreme when it comes to my breakfast, but there's no doubt that the variety of mayonnaise flavours is spicing up the food game for good.