Madeleine McCann search could come to an end this week due to lack of funds

Madeleine McCann search could come to an end this week due to lack of funds

The tragic disappearance of Madeleine McCann is one that we will not soon forget. An open case that still haunts the minds of many British people today, it's hard, as a parent or a child, to imagine the suffering endured by Kate and Gerry McCann, after their daughter vanished from their holiday apartment in 2007.

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The events took place in Praia da Luz in Portugal in May that year. That evening, the parents left Madeleine with her two-year-old twin siblings to sleep in the room as they dined in a restaurant 55 metres away, checking on them throughout the night. At 10 PM that evening, they discovered that she was missing. Over the following weeks, the misinterpretation of DNA analysis led the Portuguese police to believe that the McCanns were covering up the accidental death of their daughter by framing it is a robbery.

Once this was proven to be false, the search expanded across Europe, following each and every lead to where the young child could have been taken to. It ended up being the most heavily-reported disappearance in modern history, as we have seen hundreds of headlines about developments in the ongoing search to find Madeleine.

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Now, a decade after the disappearance, it appears that the funding for the investigation is running out. Gerry and Kate, who are both now 49, are awaiting the decision as to whether they will attain extra funding for Operation Grange – the huge Metropolitan Police manhunt for Madeleine. The money for the operation is set to run out as soon as Saturday this week.

Scotland Yard has requested an undisclosed amount of money, hoping to "pursue a final line of inquiry", but a further pledge to fund has yet to be announced. This operation has been in place since 2007, and the couple have dedicated their lives to it ever since that day. Speaking in an interview on the 10th anniversary of the disappearance, Kate said:

"There are some credible lines of inquiry that the police are working on, and whilst there is no evidence to give us any negative news, that hope is still there"

"The application for funding will be considered," a spokesperson from the Home Office said in an official statement, "They have needed to justify what the money would be spent on." The family are adamant they want to continue the operation, still hoping they will find Madeleine, who by now would be 13 years old.


Earlier this month, a spokesperson for the family stated:

"Naturally, Kate and Gerry hope the Met request is granted. They are encouraged that there remains work to be done that requires extra funding and they remain very grateful to all Operation Grange officers who are continuing to look for their daughter."

Apparently the funding is in place until the end of September, but it is yet to be decided whether the funding will continue. Hopefully the funding will be granted, and Kate and Gerry put the money to good use within the operation.