Male Louis Vuitton model accused of stabbing rival to death

Male Louis Vuitton model accused of stabbing rival to death

Last Thursday afternoon, 25-year-old Harry Uzoka was attacked in the London neighborhood of Shepherd's Bush. He had been standing outside a block of flats when he was allegedly set upon by 24-year-old George Koh and 23-year-old Jonathan Okigbo, both of whom are from North London.

Though he only sustained a single knife wound, Uzoka tragically died in a nearby street.

Koh and Okigbo managed to evade law enforcement for several days but, when they were eventually apprehended, a possible motive behind the murder was established - and it might have simply been a case of vicious rivalry.

Uzoka was on the books of Premier Model Management, and had been noted as an up-and-coming model having worked for the likes of Mercedes and Zara. Koh, meanwhile, had previously modeled for Louis Vuitton and Paul Smith - but his former representatives, IMG models, said that the 24-year-old hadn't worked with them since March last year.

The young man's death sent a wave of grief through the modeling community, and many who knew him or had seen his work took to social media in order to pay their respects.

Adwoa Aboah, who has previously appeared on the cover of Vogue, posted: "Harry, you’re [sic] face was always one of my favourites back at the beginning of both of our careers. You took the industry by storm and will be sorely missed by everyone whose path you crossed. Sending all my love and condolences to your friends and the Uzoka Family."

The promising model also had a huge Instagram following - and his fans are understandably devastated.

The last thing he posted on the picture-sharing platform was a photo of himself in the Caribbean captioned, "Happy Holidays". It has since been commented on hundreds of times with messages of condolence.

Some people even tagged Koh into the comments, calling him out for his evil and selfish act.

"@georgekoh1_ MURDERED HIM OVER JEALOUSY ? SAD WORLD -- ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE - RIP," wrote one user.

"Apparantly [sic] the guys who killed him were both black and models wtf man that’s soooo messed up. Where’s the love? Jealously is one of the ugliest traits anyone can have. I hope the scums of the earth get what they deserve and you get your Justice Harry!!" said another.

Detective Inspector Beverley Kofi, who is investigating the murder, said: "This is another tragic murder with a young male victim who has met a violent death."

This year alone, five people have been murdered in the streets of London; four of whom were stabbed to death.

Ohene Kwaku, who runs an African restaurant not far from where the murder took place, said: "I've seen the young king Harry Uzoka's face in a lot of places. It's tragic and sad to hear his life has been cut short by cowards and the needless acts of knife crime yet again in London."

Koh and Okigbo have already been charged with murder, and appeared in court today to confirm their names, dates of birth and addresses. They will go to trial on Thursday.

The average "life" sentence served by convicted murderers is only 16 years in the UK.