Man busted by paedophile hunters online has his texts revealed

The explicit text messages of a 49-year-old man, who has been spared jail time despite being caught by paedophile hunters while he was trying to meet a boy for sex, have emerged online.

Bahram Hosseini, 49, had been texting with what he believed was a 14-year-old boy on the social network Kik, but he was in fact being duped by undercover organisation, Guardians of the North, who aim to catch and then incriminate paedophiles.

alt Credit: North West

alt Credit: North West

Hosseini had arranged to meet up with the supposed boy at Central Station in Newcastle, UK, after they had exchanged explicit messages, but once he arrived he was confronted by the group and later arrested. Hosseini had travelled 100 miles by train to the city from his home in Wakefield Road, Pontefract in North Yorkshire.

However, despite pleading guilty to attempting to meet a boy under the age of 16 following grooming, Hosseini was spared jail at Leeds Crown Court yesterday and has walked away a free man.

alt Credit: North West

alt Credit: North West

Catherine Silverton, the prosecutor in the case, said that Hosseini had sent messages to "Joey" (the name that the group gave the decoy), stating that he was a 48-year-old man who was looking for a boyfriend for "love or sex". Despite "Joey" repeatedly telling Hosseini that he was 14-years-old and lived with his mom, the man continued to send messages and trying to meet up with the boy.

A spokesperson for the Guardians of the North said in a statement:

"What shocked us most about this case was the element of planning that went into it. Hosseini even took photographs of his tickets while he was on the train and sent them to us.

"When we confronted him he pretended he couldn’t speak English which was insulting and made me angry. He had been communicating with us on social media in perfect English.

"I am glad we caught him before he went on to abuse a real child."

alt Credit: North West

alt Credit: North West

Hosseini and the Guardian's decoy had been chatting for around a week and a half before the meeting was arranged. At court he was issued with a 410 day jail term, which has been suspended for two years, a 15-day rehabilitation activity requirement, and will have to perform 100 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to sign onto the sex offenders register for 10 years and was handed an indefinite sexual harm prevention order.

In the footage that has emerged of the Guardians confronting Hosseini at the station, he can be seen saying he can't speak English, despite talking to the decoy in the language.

alt Credit: North West

The Guardians of The North said they were shocked at the sentence, saying:

"I thought the sentence was a disgrace. Giving him a suspended sentence is not a deterrent at all.

"I am sure he will go on to do it again. He was not in any way remorseful. He poses a definite risk, and there is a good chance he will re-offend. Next time a real child could be involved."

The barrister in charge of the case said that Hosseini was sorry and ashamed of what he had done and for the embarrassment that he had caused his family. Judge Penelope Belcher, said: "No child was in in fact exposed to risk. But you did not know that and plainly you were willing to meet with a 14-year-old boy."

The judge also added that it would be matter for immigration and asylum tribunal as to decide if Hosseini should be deported from the country.

Despite the fact that he didn't actually assault anyone, it seems pretty mental that Hosseini is now allowed to walk the streets freely once more. Hopefully this will be enough of a shock to the system to he will refrain from performing an act like this again.