Man wins $58,000 at poker tournament and bets it all on black

Man wins $58,000 at poker tournament and bets it all on black

Jake Cody, a 29-year-old professional poker player from England, is pretty damn good at what he does. He made his name on the European tournament scene when he won €857,000 at the European Poker tour event in Deauville in 2010, following up that success by winning a further £273,783 at the main event of the World Poker Tour in London.

But while the game itself requires plenty of patience along with the risk-taking, the high rollers are as easily tempted into leaving it all up to chance as any of us are, as it turns out. In a recent video initially published on the Poker News Facebook page, Cody was seen putting all his winnings on black on the roulette wheel.

He came away with the top prize at the UK Poker Championships in Nottingham this week, where he won a stunning £42,670 ($59,063). In the riskiest move even for someone with his kind of money, the pro poker player put all of those winnings down in the casino.

As the crowd gathered around to watch it all unfold, he chose a man next to him to spin, and they all watched in eager anticipation.

That's right. While most of us would have had a stroke of bad luck and lost it all, Cody can't seem to stop winning. He ended up doubling the money he put in, gaining £85,340 ($119,882) in the process.

You've got to think that drinks were on him that evening. I'm pretty sure 120 grand would have covered a beer or two for him and his crew.