Schoolgirl finds 'Excalibur' in the same lake where King Arthur's sword was thrown

Schoolgirl finds 'Excalibur' in the same lake where King Arthur's sword was thrown

Most of us have heard tales of King Arthur growing up. He's the one who pulls the sword from the stone, leads the round table, and gets caught in an unfortunate love triangle with his wife Guinevere and Sir Lancelot.

Now, the legend lives on.

The story goes that after King Arthur suffers a mortal battle wound, his dying wish is for Sir Bedivere to return the sword Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. Earlier in the story, Arthur acquires Excalibur by accepting the sword that is held out to him by a hand that rises out of the lake. (The sword in the stone is a different sword, FYI).

Anyway, Sir Bedivere reluctantly throws the almighty Excalibur back into the lake, which is caught by the hand of the Lady. And it has never been seen since. Enter 7-year-old Matilda Jones. There she was just having a paddle in the small lake known as Dozmary Pool when she noticed something that looked like a sword lying in the shallows. Sure enough, she pulled up what turned out to be a 4-foot long sword.

Excalibur Matilda Jones King Arthur sword found lake Cornwall Credit: SWNS

Turns out the Dozmary Pool is said to be the exact lake where the Lady lives, and where Excalibur was returned to.

The Jones Family were holidaying on the southwest coast of England in Cornwall when they decided to make the trip to Dozmary Pool. As far as lakes go, it's not particularly spectacular. Dozmary Pool is pretty small and although legends tell us that it's bottomless, it's really not very deep at all. But the little lake was inviting enough on a hot, late-summers day that Matilda fancied a swim.

matilda jones sword excalibur lake found Credit: SWNS

What's even more spooky is that Matilda's dad, Paul Jones, was telling Matilda and her four-year-old sister Lois the story of King Arthur on their way to the lake. Not long after, Matilda was waist deep in the water and said she could see a sword.

“I told her not to be silly and it was probably a bit of fencing, but when I looked down I realised it was a sword. It was just there laying flat on the bottom of the lake," said Paul.

They pulled it out to discover a 4-foot sword complete with a long and slender blade, rusted metal and a leather (or pleather?) grip still intact.

Matilda jones excalibur King Arthur found sword lake Cornwall Credit: SWNS

So where did Matilda's sword come from? Did the Lady of the Lake choose to bequeath it to a new female Arthur 2.0? Or was it mysteriously summoned when Paul told the tale of King Arthur to the girls?

Paul has less inspiring ideas: “I don’t think it’s particularly old. It’s probably an old film prop.”

Oh. OK then.

Still, Matilda took the sword back to her home in Norton, Doncaster. That's one top-notch souvenir and VERY good show-and-tell material.