Students from Britain can't believe that Americans share a dorm room

Students from Britain can't believe that Americans share a dorm room

Apparently, British students don't have to share their dorm rooms with another person. This is news to me, as an American student who had a roommate with two twin beds in a single room for my first two years of college. When you're a freshman or a sophomore, sanctioned off from the illustrious single-apartments of the upperclassmen, sharing a room is just the norm. I didn't know there was any other way.

Plenty of British people are expressing shock and horror online at this fact of the shared college room. I suppose it is a kind of culture shock. You pay tens of thousands of dollars to go away to college, and the first thing you do is move your stuff into a room with a stranger, and immediately begin dealing with each other's nonsense. The person is selected at random, and there's no guarantee that you'll get any alone time or that things won't go horribly wrong.

It does sound kind of crappy, doesn't it?

I kind of wish I'd gone to a European university now! But how do they have so much space? England is a tiny island, how on Earth are they making rooms for every single student? How tiny are they? How big are the residence halls? I have so many questions. I'm sure they're just little pocket rooms (same as in the US) designed for maximal savings and minimal comfort. But, if you want your college to have a budget for the important things, that's just the bitter pill that has to be swallowed.

The price of college in the US, of course, is outrageous. It's risen over 1,000% in the past 30 years. Yeah. So honestly, I don't see how people in the future will be able to afford this crap. Everything is available online, and university itself may be an outdated structure. Whose to say you need to go 100,000 in debt just to get certified to fail at life? It doesn't work!

It is true that we have more space. But 'rustle'? Yeah, okay, I'll just go sleep in a lean-to or a Midwestern barn. Plenty of space out there. I'll find a nice stack of hay, tuck myself under it, and draw a sheepskin over me. That'll work, right? I can save on room and board.

The US is huge. Did you know that a guy literally ran across it? Three times, as well, it's outrageous. Okay, sorry, free plug here. In other running news, there is a Japanese manga about a race from San Diego to New York, in 1890. Read that if the size of the United States impresses you. It's called the Steel Ball Run. So American!

The good thing about sharing a room, however, is that you do learn some social skills and the ability to compromise. Infinite compromise is just the way of life. Better to get used to it sooner rather than later, when you have 6 roommates in a cruddy apartment in a giant city.

So, what do you think? Should dorm rooms with multiple inhabitants be totally banned, or are these Brits just a tad spoiled? USA or England?