YouTuber facing serious criticism after posting video of himself throwing 'acid' on people

YouTuber facing serious criticism after posting video of himself throwing 'acid' on people

YouTubers have got a lot of bad press recently. First, there was Logan Paul and his offensive video on the Japanese Suicide Forest; then, there was a scandal involving Shane Dawson and comments he'd previously made apparently defending pedophilia; and, most recently, a UK vlogger was "exposed" by a hotel owner after she asked for a free stay in return for some good press.

In light of this, you'd think that other people who make a living off of the platform would be a little more cautious and considerate than they usually are - especially while all these other incidents are still fresh in our memories.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for 22-year-old Arya Mosallah, who decided that it would be a good idea to prank people by throwing water in their faces.

Credit: YouTube/ItzArya

During the four-minute video, Mosallah runs around London - a city which has recently seen a speight of horrific acid attacks on innocent victims by strangers - and hurls cups of water in the faces of unsuspecting passers-by. He targets young women, businessmen, joggers, and even a person who had stopped what she was doing in order to check that the YouTuber was alright, as he had feigned an injury to get her attention.

According to him, this was all just a "prank" - but not everyone else saw it that way.

The video, which was posted on Mosallah's channel, ItzArya, has nearly 1.5 million views at the time of writing, and over 73,000 people have "liked" the content. However, a further 11,000 people have given it a thumbs-down - and the comments show exactly why.

Credit: YouTube/ItzArya

"Considering acid attacks are increasingly common in London. This maybe isn't the best idea," wrote one commenter.

"I don’t think he should have done it to the last woman bc she was really kind and was trying to see if he was okay," said another.

But Mosallah doesn't seem to be concerned at all that his childish antics could send people into a serious panic, and even said that, if this video got 150,000 likes, he would make another one with the same content.

This isn't the first controversial video he's made, either. In the past, Mosallah has made another compilation of himself throwing liquid on people (which garnered over eight million hits and comparably mixed reactions), one of him "stealing" people's phones, and one in which he drops a "bomb" right in front of strangers while disguised as Santa Claus.

acid prank Credit: YouTube/ItzArya

According to the Metropolitan Police, there were 431 reported acid attacks in London alone during 2017. This is nearly 200 more than there were in 2015, and similar to the figure for 2016, which was 454.

The motivations for these attacks obviously varied from case-to-case, but many of them were completely random assaults on strangers. Plus, considering that sulfuric acid - the substance most commonly used in the attacks - can be found for as little as £10 ($14-$15) online, it wouldn't be unreasonable for Mosallah's unsuspecting victims to believe that the liquid they had been hit with was actually a corrosive acid.

YouTube has not taken the video down, nor offered any comment on the matter. Mosallah, too, has remained silent since posting the content.