Here are 20 of the best 2018 Women's March signs that will make you laugh and cry at the same time

Here are 20 of the best 2018 Women's March signs that will make you laugh and cry at the same time

The second Women's March took place this Saturday with celebrations and demonstrations carrying well on over to the next day too. Over 250 different rallies were held across American cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, where the March first kicked off following the inauguration of president Donald Trump this time last year. But this year, more and more cities around the world got involved too.

From marches held in London and Munich, all the way to Melbourne and Osaka, people came together to make a stand against sexual harassment and abuse (a hot topic of late), gender equality and some of Trump's more... er, questionable policies and outbursts. The energy was high, celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence took part, and a huge effort was made to encourage people to enrol to vote in the midterm elections.

While the monumental participation in the march this year across America and around the world is certainly something to behold, we mustn't forget to zoom in and take a close look at the individuals who took part and see what crafty home-made signs they came up with here. Here are 19 of the best.

1. I know, right?

2. "What Oprah said"

3. Sing it, girl

4. He wouldn't have made it past chapter 5

5. The times are changing

6. Even the little ones got involved


8. Better get your shades out because the future is bright

9. I mean, will you look at these girls?

10. We know what you mean

11. Even the impromptu vacation-made signs count

12. Ahem

13. LOL, but it is the effort that counts

14. We all are

15. Thinking of women everywhere

16. All the clapping emojis go to this one

17. But was it a Hemnes?

18. So good

19. Hehe

20. Sums it all up really

Well, with the huge turn out to the Women's Marches that happened all over the world, and with those powerful signs spreading the best kinds of messages, here's hoping not too many of these kinds of events will need to happen in the future.