8 stories that bring renewed hope in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

8 stories that bring renewed hope in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

For several days now, Texas residents have been subjected to chaotic weather conditions as Hurricane Harvey tears through the state. 130mph winds have wrought havoc on buildings, extreme flooding has destroyed homes, and the continuing storm has forced families out on the street.

Amongst all the devastation, however, there have been stories of hope.

1. Not all heroes wear capes

Abe Minor, a Texas resident, commandeered his nephew's boat in order to save people affected by the flood. Originally, Minor only set out to rescue his wife's friends - but ended up helping out a whole lot more.

2. There are no age restrictions on being a good person

A 15-year-old boy and his friends have taken to the flooded streets of Houston in order to pick up any people that have been stranded.

3. Animals need help, too

Alicia Plunkett braved the floods in order to save bats that had been trapped under bridges by rising waters. It might not seem like a priority, but bats are crucial for keeping down the mosquito population, which can more easily spread disease in weather conditions like this.

4. The sweetest reunion 

Aaron Jayjack reached out on Twitter after finding a lost dog when he stopped for gas. Amazingly, the internet responded...

And the pair were reunited!

5. A little gratitude goes a long way

Of course, it's not just residents who are battling against the awful conditions, but reporters as well. One woman proved that the Texas spirit is not easily dampened when she cheerfully presented a journalist with a hug and a six-pack of beer.

6. Some people go over and above the call of duty

A reporter and a college student teamed up to rescue vulnerable residents in the wake of the storm. The CNN correspondent, Ed Lavandera, captured the touching moment that Austin Seth - a Texas University student - helped people to board a boat.

7. It's important to practice what you preach

This powerful image shows Brian Roberson, a preacher, checking inside cars to make sure nobody has been trapped beneath the water.

8. Police officers are helping wherever they can

Pictures show two police officers cradling tiny puppies which they rescued after coming to the aid of a homeless woman.

Messages of love and support have been pouring in from all over the world, and donations are being collected for those who have been hit by the disaster. The current situation is unimaginably tough for Texas, but these stories prove that you can always find light in even the darkest of places.