Alabama sorority girl expelled after appalling racist rant emerges on Instagram

Alabama sorority girl expelled after appalling racist rant emerges on Instagram

In the modern age of social media, it's pretty easy for people to go digging around in the lives of complete strangers. All you have to do is type a name into Facebook and *bam* you've got everything from their date of birth, their favorite food to those embarrassing selfies they put up in 2012 and forgot to delete.

And, for a lot of people, this is just a small price to pay for maintaining a good network of friends and indulging in a little harmless narcissism. However, for people who hold hateful or polarising viewpoints, disclosing information on a network which can be accessed by anyone could have potentially damaging consequences - and perhaps rightfully so.

For this reason, one sorority girl at the University of Alabama created a "finsta" (fake Insta, for those of us who aren't down with the kids) in order to vent her vitriolic views about people of color.

What she didn't count on when she created it, however, was that someone would find it.

One Twitter user, who goes by the username "Tabarius da Feminist", came across the finsta of Harley Barber and discovered that it contained a ton of highly offensive videos. In various clips, Barber can be heard using the n word, saying she "hates" black people, and just acting like a complete jerk to anyone who disagrees with her.

So, of course, he posted the clip - along with the name of her account - for his 16,000 followers to see.

Eventually, Barber twigged that someone had found her rant, and posted a follow-up video in which she repeatedly said the n word, and claimed she was allowed to because she's "from New Jersey".

What she probably didn't count on, though, was that Tabarius would make her college aware of the Instagram clips.

Nor could she have fathomed that, actually, her actions had consequences, and the sorority didn't take too well to having an aggressive racist amongst them. So they kicked her out.

But did she back down? Nope.

After the videos from her Insta went viral, her account got deleted. Instead of taking it as a sign that she is an utter douche, Barber doubled down on her hateful spoutings and updated her Insta profile to say, "Old finsta got deleted cause fuck n*****s".

But Tabarius wasn't going to give up there, either. He acquired a recording of a phone call between Barber and one of her "friends", which he then posted to Twitter with all the other racist things she had said.

It turns out that Barber was forced to leave the school, and will essentially have to start a whole new life.

Eventually, she did offer a very generic, half-hearted apology, but it was just too little too late.

As Tabarius himself pointed out, Barber has basically ruined her life for the sake of being racist. She didn't have to say any of the awful things she said, nor did she have to maintain her stance even when she was called out for being so hateful.

Well, Barber is now out there somewhere paying a steep price for her actions.