This Brooklyn chef uses receipts to spread a powerful message about immigrants

This Brooklyn chef uses receipts to spread a powerful message about immigrants

In the current political climate, immigration has become one of the hottest topics of conversation across the world. With the rise of right-wing politics in both America and the UK, the attitude towards immigrants has notably shifted from acceptance to hostility. However, despite this shift in opinion from those in powerful positions like Presidency, a lot of people are choosing to be accepting of immigrants and are more than aware of the positive impact that the majority of them have on society.

At a time when the welcoming values of The West seem to be in peril, it is important to remember that silence is compliance and that it is always best to voice your concerns about the worrying direction that our society seems to be going. One person who is more than aware of this is the professional chef, Mark Simmons.

Simmons, who was a competitor on the US reality show Top Chef, has used a quiet message of defiance in order to spread a message of positivity and support for immigrants who are arriving in the United States.

As a peaceful protest against policies such as Trump's proposed travel ban (which he is still trying to push), as well as the growing influence of the far-right, Simmons now adds a little message to the bottom of the bill at his 'Kiwiana Restaurant' in Brooklyn.

The message reads: "Immigrants make America great (they also cooked your food and served you today),"

Speaking about the reasons behind the protest, Simons said "I am an immigrant myself," he told local media outlets. "I am from New Zealand. This is a New Zealand restaurant, and we support immigrants."

Credit: Twitter

The chef says that having been an immigrant himself, he wants to use the bill as a show of support for people who are in a similar situation to the one he was in when he arrived in America.

"[It's] a show of support for all those families that are being torn apart," Simmons continued, who said he came here "with pretty much nothing and have built myself up from there, so I know the trials and tribulations of being an immigrant."

The chef explained the bill serves as "a reminder to ourselves and to our customers that immigrants are relatively the backbone of the hospitality industry, and they often are the people who cook for you ... all around America. It's basically a silent protest."

Simmons goes on to implore people to put themselves in the position of immigrants before they start to judge them, saying: "I think about the families being torn apart… Put yourself in their position, it would break me up."

And when asked how long the bills would continue to bear this message, the chef said: "It's until further notice. Hopefully, until things get better."

Top marks to Simmons and his team, our compliments go out to the chef.