Drunk Chris Brown verbally abused and assaulted transgender woman outside nightclub

Drunk Chris Brown verbally abused and assaulted transgender woman outside nightclub

Despite his horrific attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009, Chris Brown has somehow managed to retain enough support from fans to stay relevant in 2017. Not only has he released new music since then, he's also got his own documentary with Netflix - something that very few stars can lay claim to.

In the documentary, which is called Chris Brown: Welcome to my Life, the singer seemed to be sorry for his actions. "S**t, I'm not ever trying to put my hands on any female," he says at one point, explaining that he "felt like a f*****g monster."

However, just months after saying he'd never want to hurt a woman, he did exactly that.

Chris Lopez, a Hollywood socialite, says she was shouted at and pushed by Brown as she stood outside The Abbey, a famous gay club in the area.

"Chris Brown starts yelling at my friend. I told him leave my friend alone, this is LA not like New York...  you not gonna start s**t here," she said. "He starts calling me a fake blonde b***h, a fat b***h ... He must of had said it like 10 times."

Lopez also reported that Brown had knocked down another man before he made his way over to her group of friends.

"He got really close to my face and used his chest to push me a few times," she recalled. "He was very drunk. Very wasted. But my security team came two minutes after, I had like three security guards, Chris had one security guard and one friend."

Fortunately, Lopez's team was able to intervene before Brown could cause any serious damage.

"They all helped me get away, then his security guard and friend - plus the club security - was able to hold him down tried calming him down but he was yelling."

chris lopez attacked by chris brown Credit: Facebook/Chris Lopez

By the time Lopez and her friends had got in a car to leave the scene, the West Hollywood security ambassadors had turned up to deal with the situation. The ambassadors have significantly more power than the regular club security, and are employed to assist the local police.

Lopez refused to disclose whether or not she was planning on taking any legal action against the singer, but local authorities said they had not yet received any official reports of a fight taking place outside the club that evening.

"I just want him to seek better help," said Lopez. "He needs to feel like he is like everyone else and can be accountable for his own actions."

Chris Brown's representatives have not yet commented on the matter, and the singer himself has not spoken at all on the incident.

This comes just a few months after he "sucker punched" a photographer during a promotional appearance at a Florida nightclub. The nightclub confirmed the incident, saying:

"Incidents like the ones caused by Chris Brown and his team are very sad to see. As everyone witnessed he showed up to the club at around 1:30am. After only a few minutes of being there, Chris Brown himself and his team assaulted our club photographer and proceeded to walk out of the venue."

However, no legal action was taken after the attack.