This deputy worked through the night to help Texas flood victims

The destruction that Hurricane Harvey has inflicted on the Texas Gulf Coast has been unprecedented.

Despite being referred to as the most powerful storm to hit the mainland U.S in 12 years, the scale of the damage that Harvey wrecked upon the southern states of Texas and Houston has surpassed all expectations.

The director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Brock Long has asserted that the aftermath of the hurricane will force over 30,000 Texans into temporary shelters. He added that around 450,000 people have been directly affected by the storm and are expected to file as disaster victims.

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Whilst the death toll is expected to rise, as of yet there have been two confirmed fatalities. The first was a result of a house fire in Texas and the second occurred on Saturday night when flooding in Houston reached shocking heights.

In Houston alone, there has been 30 inches of rainfall in the last 24 hours. Fox news anchor, Kerry Charles reported that Harvey has dumped 11 trillion gallons of water on the metro area of Houston, and officials are now expecting some parts of the area to receive as much as 50 inches (127cm) of rainfall.
The city of Houston, which is the fourth largest city in America, boasting a population of 6.6 million, only ordered its citizens to evacuate on Monday morning - four days after it was apparent that the southern city would sustain serious destruction. Since Sunday morning, residents of Houston have found themselves trapped in their homes and on their rooftops, with images surfacing of them leaving their homes, wading through high waters with children on their shoulders.

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The efforts of first responders involved in leading the rescue operation, however, are entirely commendable. First responders spent Sunday and Monday morning inundated with over 2,000 calls for aid. Reports state that around 1,000 residents needed rescuing overnight.

One such example is this deputy who has been lauded as a hero after he collapsed from exhaustion after spending over 12 hours furthering the aid effort.

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Imgur user pleasepassthehate1287 took to the platform to share the photo of the exhausted police deputy, she wrote:

"Harvey Heros! This deputy worked 12+ hours thru the night, doing high water rescues. Worked until he couldn't stand anymore. This man and hundreds more just like him are out there helping those in needs. Show some love!"

And of course, Imgur users had quite the reaction to the photo. One user wrote, "rescue and emergency workers deserve so much more than what they get, thank you all for being such amazing people," while another added, "being in this position I know how he feels except I work Fire and EMS. Yes it is hell down here. Pray for us please."

alt Credit: Imgur

alt Credit: Imgur

Others hilariously commented, "your deputy has 5% battery remaining. Please plug into charger" and "someone get that man a doughnut!"

alt Credit: Imgur

alt Credit: Imgur

This deputy isn't the only person doing all they can to further the aid effort, in a moment of lightness, a woman braved Hurricane Harvey to bring an exhausted news reporter a six-pack of beer...