Donald Trump destroyed by Miss America contestant

Donald Trump destroyed by Miss America contestant

During his tenancy as President so far, Donald Trump has taken his fair share of criticisms - or perhaps not enough, depending on how you look at it. From his backtracking on climate change measures to his disregard for young people through the repeal of DACA, Trump has certainly given people a lot to criticise.

Over the last eight months, reporters, politicians, and pretty much anybody with a Twitter account has been given a platform to publicly share their opinion on 45 - and now a Miss America contestant has stepped up to offer her thoughts, too.

Margana Wood, who is the representative for Texas in this year's Miss America contest, was challenged on her views towards the President during a question and answer segment of the pageant.

After selecting a judge at random, Wood was asked this by Jess Cagle:

"Last month, a demonstration of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK in Charlottesville turned violent and a counterprotester was killed. The president said there was shared blamed with 'very fine people on both sides.' Were there? Tell me yes or no and explain."

To many, this would be a fairly heavy question that would take some consideration before answering. However, the 22-year-old didn't even hesitate before responding:

“I think that the white supremacist issue, it was very obvious, that it was a terrorist attack. And I think that President Donald Trump should’ve made a statement earlier addressing the fact, and in making sure all Americans feel safe in this country. That is the number one issue right now.” 

Using just 15 seconds of her allotted 20-second time limit, Wood tore into the President with all the poise of a professional orator. What she said was clear, concise, and downright gutsy. In literally just the first five seconds, Miss Texas was able to condemn the events at Charlottesville with more courage and conviction than Trump managed after two whole days of watching the events unfold.

Her answer generated loud applause from the audience, and both the judges and Wood's fellow contestants can be seen smiling in agreement with the pageant queen.

Twitter was also quick to celebrate Miss Wood for her actions after a clip of her answer was posted to the site:

"SHOOK at Miss Texas answer to Charlottesville riot/White Supremacy," wrote one user. "Extremely proud and happy. Hope she wins".

Others relished in the opportunity to further slam Trump for his recent inaction: "Miss Texas--a white woman--showed more integrity in 20 seconds than Trump has known all his life."

Miss Texas has also been known to speak out in other areas where Trump has been noticeably failing - namely LGBTQ matters. Speaking to 'Out Smart', a magazine about queer issues, Wood said: “It’s important for everyone to hear the phrase [you belong] because they do ― everybody belongs”.

Unfortunately, Wood did not win the overall contest - that prize went to Miss Dakota, Cara Mund. However, she certainly won the hearts and minds of everybody who agrees that Trump is not doing enough to condemn white supremacy, and really, that's worth so much more.