Donald Trump tried to claim he doesn't watch TV, but Twitter had receipts

Donald Trump tried to claim he doesn't watch TV, but Twitter had receipts

In the year since Donald Trump got elected, the president of the USA has managed to make the headlines almost every day without fail - but usually not for good reasons. After countless amounts of gaffes (for example: lying about his inauguration crowd size, attempting to ban trans individuals from the military without actually consulting anyone, and staring directly at the sun during the solar eclipse), it's getting to the point now where we almost expect him to mess up somehow.

And, in that respect, he does not often disappoint.

Most recently, during his trip around Asia, the POTUS claimed: "I do not watch much television."

Yes, it's probably true that Trump does spend a lot of time with "documents". And we also know he likes to dedicate a good portion of his day to Twitter, too - so where does that leave room for watching TV? Well, let's have a look at what the "fake sources" have to say.

Back in July, the Washington Post wrote an article about a comment made by a reporter, Mark Leibovich, who had gone to visit Trump at the Whitehouse. Liebovich was lead into the dining room to greet the President, and had this to say about the encounter:

"It was 12:30, but the president was not eating lunch. He was watching a recording of ‘Fox and Friends’ from about four hours earlier on a large TV mounted on the wall.”

According to the Washington Post, "This comports with other stories about Trump, including one from Time which describes Trump showing reporters that very same television, 'sorting through old recordings of cable news shows, until he comes to what he is after.'"

And Trump wasn't happy about that, as evidenced by this rather haughty tweet:

So where exactly are people getting this idea that Trump spends a lot of time in front of the box? Well, as one writer has helpfully pointed out, a lot of these "fake sources" seem to be the President's own words:

Yes, on multiple occasions, Trump directly Tweeted to Fox and Friends, usually to thank or congratulate them on a "great show".

So, either he's somehow telepathically receiving the news from CNN and Fox and Friends while he's busy reading documents, or his statement about not watching much TV was a complete lie.

But, while some people were fixated on how much TV Trump considers to be "not much", others were quick to point out all the other things POTUS does when he's not dedicating his time to, uh, documents.

There's golf:

And ratings:

And speaking words of wisdom about big ocean water:

Of course, this is far from one of the worst things Trump has lied about, but it is still a lie. And if POTUS feels comfortable with lying about something that he, personally, has already refuted in the past, there's no telling what else he might be prepared to gloss over.

Either way, perhaps Mr. Trump should focus a little more on document reading, and a bit less on television.