Dylan Farrow speaks out in first TV interview addressing her allegations of sexual assault against adoptive father

Dylan Farrow speaks out in first TV interview addressing her allegations of sexual assault against adoptive father

Speaking in her first television interview since claiming that she was sexually assaulted as a child by her adoptive father, Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow asserted that she maintains the right to be angry.

In a New York Times essay published in 2014, Farrow repeated allegations that she had first made in the early Nineties, at the age of seven. But whilst the American filmmaker has repeatedly rejected Farrow's claims as "untrue and disgraceful", and no charges have ever been filed against him, in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the ensuing #MeToo movement, a growing number of entertainment industry veterans have began to distance themselves from the director.

The interview, which will air on CBS on Thursday is Farrow's first on television according to This Morning's Gayle King. And the television network have released a trailer of the interview, in which Farrow can be seen addressing her recent Los Angeles Times article, where she questioned why Allen was spared by the "revolution" which ended the career of now-disgraced film mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

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Speaking to US broadcaster Gayle King in the trailer for the upcoming interview, Farrow states that she hopes that "somebody will believe me instead of just hearing it".

"I am credible, and I am telling the truth, and I think it’s important that people realise that one victim, one accuser, matters. And that they are enough to change things," the 32-year-old continued, before asserting, "Why shouldn't I feel some sort of outrage that after all these years being ignored and disbelieved and tossed aside."

Finally, when King asked, "After all these years, why should people believe you now?" Farrow simply replied, "I suppose that's on them. But all I can do is speak my truth and hope..."

Watch the trailer below.

The tide - albeit slowly - does seem to be turning against Woody Allen. Several actors have recently felt compelled to apologise for appearing in films made by the director. Just on Tuesday, actor Timothée Chalamet said that he did not want to profit from his role in A Rainy Day in New York and will instead donate his earnings to three charities which are committed to combatting sexual harassment and abuse, including the Time's Up movement. Prior to Chalamet, Rebecca Hall also apologised for starring in A Rainy Day in New York, and stated that she too would donate her earnings to such initiatives.

Other actors to distance themselves from the director in recent weeks include Greta Gerwig, who appeared in To Rome With Love, David Krumholtz of Wonder Wheel fame, and most notably Mira Sorvino - who won an Oscar for her part in 1995's Mighty Aphrodite.

Dylan Farrow's claims have been supported by her mother, actress Mia Farrow, as well as her brother, the journalist Ronan Farrow, whose work helped spur Harvey Weinstein's now-infamous fall from grace.

In other news, Aziz Ansari has issued a response after details of alleged sexual assault emerge.