Father who tried to attack Larry Nassar in court gives his account of the incident

Father who tried to attack Larry Nassar in court gives his account of the incident

There is plenty of anger out there towards Larry Nassar after the USA Gymnastics National team doctor was charged with countless instances of sexual assault against young women and girls, but none matches the rage felt by those affected and their loved ones. During an intense and emotional hearing that continued over several days, 169 survivors and family members came forward and confronted Nassar face-to-face in court.

Charged with molestation under the guise of medical treatment and the possession of child pornography, he was sentenced to 175 years in prison. After he pleaded guilty to these charges, Judge Rosemarie Aqualina told him, "I've just signed your death warrant... you do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again." When the verdict was given, the witnesses stood and applauded.

While it seems that finally justice is being served against a man who continuously abused those who were supposed to be in his care, for many the anger and frustration at how this could have happened has not abated. Last week, CBS captured footage of one father who felt overwhelmed by these emotions.

Two of Randall Margraves' daughters testified to the abuse they suffered, with a third daughter also reported to have been mistreated. Shortly after his daughters had finished reading their victim statements, Randall asked the judge: "I would ask you, as part of the sentencing to grant me 5 minutes in a locked room with this demon; would you give me one minute?"

When this was predictably declined, Margraves charged at Nassar, before he was restrained by officers on the scene. After he calmed down he was taken away, at which point he could be heard asking, "What if this happened to you?"

Now, we have heard Margraves' side of the story, as he spoke to a news outlet about how he felt during the hearings. In a statement he said:

"I am no hero. My daughters are the heroes, and all the other victims, and the survivors of this terrible atrocity.

"[...] I thank Judge Cunningham and all the court system for their leniency on me. This cannot be a lawless society. I know that. I lost control.

"[...] I delivered, unintentionally, my three daughters to a demon, who had his own twisted and sick agenda for his own demented desires. Now I have to live with the fact that I failed to protect my daughters. This is a strong family and we will get through it."

He went on to speak about his anger for Nassar himself, believing that he will be punished in the next life.

"I can only hope when the day comes for Larry Nassar, when he has ended his days on this Earth, that he will be escorted to one of the deepest, darkest, hottest pits in hell there is - for him and people like him. I hope there's a lot of pain attached to it because he's certainly left a lot of pain here on this Earth."

He also thanked the victims for coming forward and spoke to those who may have not yet spoken about their experiences, hoping that they would find the strength to carry on and possibly have their voices heard. When asked by CBS what exactly it was he wanted to do in that room with Nassar, he told them, "I did not think about wanting to kill him, but I did want to inflict some pain".

Margraves' rage is understandable, as I'm sure many of us would become enraged over much less. In fact, plenty have spoken out against Nassar following these charges, from those donating to the victims' cause to those sharing in Margraves' anger at what happened.