Five former presidents have come together to pledge help to Texas

Five former presidents have come together to pledge help to Texas

Hurricane Harvey has caused absolute devastation across Texas. As you will have no doubt seen in the shocking videos and photos taken of the catastrophic events of these last few weeks, many have lost their lives, been injured, or had their lives otherwise upended by the tropical storm.

According to the National Weather Service, Harvey dropped a total of nearly 52 inches of rain in one area of Houston, which is more than any other storm has dropped on the continental United States in recorded history. To put this in perspective, the highest rainfall recorded at George Bush Intercontinental Airport north of Houston was 49.77 inches, and that was over the course of a year.

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27 trillion gallons of water have fallen, leaving over a million people displaced from their homes and causing $180 billion in damages. Worst of all, at least 70 deaths have been attributed to the storm, with countless more injured and hospitalised. The people of Texas are in need of help, and it's up to those of us who can to send donations to the relevant charities.

One such fund is the One America Appeal, which is spearheaded by all five living former Presidents of the United States. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George W Bush, Barack Obama and George HW Bush have come together to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The former presidents have appeared in a new video asking for donations to the One America Appeal, a joint effort seeking donations for those in need across the Gulf Coast.

With the tagline 'we are all in this together', the video shows each of these men pledging their support, and encouraging others to give what they can. George W Bush shows his love for the state, where he currently lives and has previously served as governor from 1995 to 2000. "People are hurting down here," he explained, "But as one Texan put it: 'We've got more love in Texas than water'".

Donations made will go to the Houston Harvey Relief Fund and the Rebuild Texas Fund. The appeal has recently been expanded to include Hurricane Irma as it approaches the US mainland. Money will be donated via the George HW Presidential Library Foundation, to ensure that donations aren't taxed or diverted in any way.

The website describes the groups aims:

"Hurricane Harvey brought terrible devastation – but it also brought out the best in humanity. As former Presidents, we wanted to come together and join our fellow citizens in supporting Houston and the communities along the Gulf Coast as they rebuild."

Michelle Obama has also supported the fund, stating that "The outpouring of support for Houston & communities along the Gulf Coast represents the best of who we are & what this country is about".

If you wish to contribute to the fund, you can do so by visiting the One America Appeal website here. They ensure that all donations you make will be tax-deductible.