This Florida dad saved his 17-year-old daughter from being kidnapped

This Florida dad saved his 17-year-old daughter from being kidnapped

A dependable dad can be the best person in the world. When the world's most malignant and toxic men on Earth want to abuse or kidnap you, your own father is often the best recourse. If we can hunt down monsters faster than the cops, then what else do you need? Liam Neeson in Taken hunted down his daughter's kidnappers, but they took her first. For this Florida dad, he stopped the kidnapping cold in its tracks before it had any chance whatsoever of succeeding. He quite literally saved his daughter's life like a real action hero.

Amber Brackney, a 17 year old girl from Crestview in Florida, was pulling out of her home's driveway when she found the end of the driveway blocked by barrels. Frightened, she stayed inside the car and tried to go around the barrels, driving into the street. Now here's the ugly part - the barrels were planted by four young men trying to literally kidnap her, force her out of her vehicle through the barrels and grab her in her own front lawn. Despicable beyond words.

Terry Brackney, her father, and a funeral director, heard her car moving around so much in the driveway and suspected something was wrong. Brackey, who is 51, grabbed a gun and went outside, where he found four young men fleeing from the front lawn into the woods. He opened fire on them immediately, wasting no time.

The boys had been unscrewing parts from the lamps that cast light on the front lawn, setting up a perfect crime. A neighbor noticed a 'suspicious car' driving away from the area, which was actually the one the four boys were using to escape the scene of the crime. The neighbor called the police, and Terry Brackey, having chased them from his lawn, sent them right into the cops' hands. Perfect.

The four boys are as listed: Keilon Johnson, who is 19, Austin French, 17, and 16-year old Tyree Johnson, along with 15-year old Kamauri Horn, were arrested. The cops found a knife, firearms, and a huge roll of tape in their car. It seems certainly to have been an attempted kidnapping.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office said in a statement that: "The goal was to first force her out of her car by blocking the road with barrels and garbage cans. They then planned to head to her house, confront and subdue her father - who they believed to be wealthy - and rob the home."

The criminals have been charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion robbery. The Brackney household was considered to be worth $400,000, a prime target for burglars. Of course, kidnapping is quite a step more evil than burglary.

There's nothing more inspiring than a hero dad who can shoot some pesky kidnappers off his property. It's amazing that Amber is okay, and that this didn't become a tragic story of kidnapping. A great showing all around; it's good to have some good news come out of Florida every once in a while.