Footage shows woman hurling cup of urine at bus driver after she tells her to 'have a nice day'

Footage shows woman hurling cup of urine at bus driver after she tells her to 'have a nice day'

Public transport can be a strange place at times. There's just something about being cooped up in a bus or a train with a bunch of strangers that seems to make some people behave inappropriately. And, if you're ever caught in a situation with a disruptive passenger, the best method of dealing with it is usually to just ignore it and hope they get off soon.

For one Metro operator, however, this was not an option.

This week, footage emerged of 38-year-old Opal L. Brown throwing her own urine over a bus driver. In the video, Brown can be seen hurling a cup of liquid around the plastic screen divider and directly onto the Metro bus operator. CCTV then caught her darting out of the vehicle.

When questioned about the reasons for her actions, she responded, “She [the driver] said ‘have a nice day’ all sarcastically. She could have been more courteous.” Brown also claimed later that the driver was "flicking [her] off" and giving her rude looks.

For several days, the Metro Transit Police were unable to positively identify the culprit, and put out news alerts requesting information. On Wednesday, though, Brown turned herself in.

When asked why she even had a cup of urine in the first place, the D.C. resident explained that, "I had to go to the bathroom real, real bad. You know what I'm saying. I just peed in a cup." According to her, she had every intention of throwing the cup out after she had disembarked the Metro Bus -  but that was before she was "provoked".

After her arrest, Brown - who has three children and one grandchild - posted about the incident on Facebook.

"OK YALL KNOW IT WAS ME WHO DID THE BAD STUFF TO THE METRO OPERATOR!!!" she wrote on Wednesday morning. Her all-caps tirade includes pictures of her arresting officers, and has been shared over 400 times.

Despite claiming she was sorry for her actions, stating that it was "on her heart", she also said that Metro "owed [her]". Not only that, but her description of her arrest as being "really cool" because it made her feel like "a celebrity" makes her apology seem even more insincere.

Local 689, the union that represents Metro bus drivers, released a statement prior to Brown's arrest. It said:

“A disgusting act like the one on Saturday can not only endanger the operator, but also endanger everyone on that bus. Unnecessarily placing workers and the riding public in danger is never acceptable when Metro can and should do more.”

For those undermining the seriousness of the assault, Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik reiterated the union's statement, saying that "To say [the attack was] bizarre is really an understatement. It's a vulgar assault."

Video footage from the bus shows the severity of the attack.

Brown was charged with simple assault on Thursday, but has pleaded not guilty and has since been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. She has also been instructed to stay away from the victim and avoid the bus line where the incident took place.