The most googled topics in each state in 2017 have been revealed

The most googled topics in each state in 2017 have been revealed

It's an accepted fact that each state in America has its own identifiable personality traits; for example, Minnesotans are the friendliest bunch you could ever hope to meet, New Yorkers are as neurotic as they come and Floridians are some of the strangest people in the whole world. However, have you ever thought about the googling habits of different areas of the United States? Do all Americans frantically search similar things on the internet or are these differences in personality reflected in their search history?

Well, while you might assume Americans are keen to be in the know about similar things, you'd be well and truly wrong. When The Daily Dot analysed browsing habits across the nation and assembled a list of the year's biggest headlines, events and trends - afterwards using Google trends to determine which search topics were the most prevalent in each individual state - they discovered that every state had their own issues they were keen to do their research on in 2017.

Some of them were quite the shock too; for example, did you know people in Michigan were determined to find out what was going on with a giant penguin? Or that folks up in Illinois were particularly concerned about the calories in a Unicorn Frappuccino? Meanwhile, Hawaiians were busy researching Bitcoin, the population of Idaho were all massive Doctor Who fans and all that Mississippians really wants to know in life is how to make slime. Who'd have thought...

ALABAMA: Eclipse glasses WalMart, Roy Moore allegations, Niger soldiers killed

ALASKA: United Airlines meme, What is a dotard?, covfefe

ARIZONA: Chester Bennington, Joe Arpaio pardon, Lil Peep, Alyssa Milano me too

ARKANSAS: Eye damage from solar eclipse, what in tarnation meme, Glenn Campbell

CALIFORNIA: Best Picture 2018, Ed Westwick allegations, Brett Ratner allegations, John Conyers allegations

COLORADO: Tour de France, Michael Flynn guilty,  How can I help Puerto Rico

CONNECTICUT: Muslim ban countries list,  Puerto Rico news, opioid addiction

DELAWARE: Elf on the shelf meme, Mariah Carey, Cosby trial, John McCain cancer

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: What is sexual harassment?, DC shooting 2017, Uber sexual harassment

FLORIDA: Hurricane Irma,  Chelsea Manning, Venezuela travel ban

GEORGIA: Georgia special election, Usher herpes, wiretapping Trump Tower

HAWAII: How to buy Bitcoin, George and Amal Clooney Twins, Rob Kardashian revenge porn

IDAHO: Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who

ILLINOIS: Calories in a Unicorn Frappuccino, celebrities accused of sexual assault, Chicago murder rate

INDIANA:  What is a solar eclipse?, St. Petersburg subway blast, Blake Shelton Sexiest Man Alive

IOWA: Net neutrality, Keurig boycott

KANSAS: Samsung Galaxy S6, National Anthem protests, How many mass shootings in 2017

KENTUCKY: How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor free, Harry Dean Stanton, Ashley Judd speech

LOUISIANA: Fats Domino (musician who passed in 2017), Al Sharpton selfie

MAINE: Monkey selfie, Blake Farenthold pajamas, #MeToo, transgender rights


MARYLAND: Meghan Markle, recuse (Merriam-Webster’s #3 Word of the Year for 2017), Trump inauguration crowd size

MASSACHUSETTS: Ben Affleck rehab, Super Bowl champs, Grenfell Tower fire

MICHIGAN: Symptoms of eye damage from eclipse, Did North Korea launch a missile today?, giant penguin

MINNESOTA: Sexual misconduct, Al Franken allegations

MISSISSIPPI: How to make slime?, Janet Jackson baby, Nelly arrested

MISSOURI: St. Louis protests, Jeremy Piven allegations

MONTANA: Lady Gaga (singer-songwriter), wildfire, Sean Spicer resigns

NEBRASKA: Harvey Weinstein accusers

NEVADA: Las Vegas shooting, Kylie Jenner pregnant, United passenger dragged off plane

NEW HAMPSHIRE: SpongeBob mocking meme, Kevin Spacey allegations, Paradise Papers

NEW JERSEY: 13 Reasons Why, John Heard, Qatar blockade, Kurdish referendum results

NEW MEXICO: Samsung Galaxy S*

NEW YORK: Harvey Weinstein, Rebel Wilson defamation, French election

NORTH CAROLINA: Why was Bill O’Reilly fired?

NORTH DAKOTA: Xbox One X, What is DACA?, syzygy (Merriam-Webster’s #6 Word of the Year for 2017)

OHIO: Trump travel ban blocked, Ken Doll man bun, U bum

OKLAHOMA: Hugh Hefner, Patty Jenkins, Serena Williams baby pics

OREGON: Olivia Newton-John cancer, Julia Louis Dreyfus breast cancer

PENNSYLVANIA: What are Beyonce twins names?, Trump transgender military ban, Putin Trump handshake

RHODE ISLAND: Prodigy dies, Pepsi Kendall Jenner ad, Where is Richard Simmons?

SOUTH CAROLINA: Eclipse glasses, bungee workout, Who is George Papadopoulos

SOUTH DAKOTA: Where is Guam on the map?,  Mariah Carey New Years performance, Amazon buys Whole Foods, Oumuamua

TENNESSEE: Where to buy solar eclipse glasses?, Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman” salary, Aaron Carter mugshot, Obamacare skinny repeal

TEXAS: World Series, Who are the Rohingya?, bathroom bill

UTAH: Nintendo Switch (video game console), Stranger Things, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Taylor Swift

VERMONT: Impeachment, cash me outside meme, UK election

VIRGINIA: Charlottesville protests, independence vote Catalonia, Danica Roem

WASHINGTON: Unicorn Frappuccino, Chris Pratt Anna Faris divorce, Trump approval rating, white supremacy

WEST VIRGINIA: How to make a fidget spinner, Jennifer Garner divorce, Quebec mosque attack

WISCONSIN: Russia banned from Olympics 2018, Randy Bryce

WYOMING:  Anti-fascism, Murphy CrossFit workout, Otto Warmbier coma

So, do people from American states agree that The Daily Dot has got their googling habits pegged down? Or did you not search for a single thing on this list the whole of last year? But remember, this isn't the full list; you can check that out on The Daily Dot.