This guy is running across the entire United States like Forrest Gump

This guy is running across the entire United States like Forrest Gump

A friend of mine told me recently that his cousin had finished a 100-mile race. At the time, that sounded absolutely outrageous. That's far more than even the fabled original marathon, ran by the Greek soldier Pheidippides between Marathon and Athens. But that's not even a dent into the distance it would take to actually run from coast to coast, across the entire United States. From California to Maine...that sounds like a real knee-breaking ball-buster of a run.

Rob Pope is 39, and in better shape than any of us. His route is a bone-shattering 15,248 miles long, and each day he wakes up and runs 40 miles. It's a routine that slowly but steadily takes him across the continent. 40 miles a day, every day, for...over a year. 381 days. That's some dedication. And I don't even know how it's possible.

But here's the real kicker: he's already done it twice. It wasn't the whole continent, but Mobile, Alabama to the Santa Monica Pier is still absolutely insane. He's looking for a sponsor to finish his full-continental jog, which he started over a year ago.

Pope explained in an interview:

"The Forrest idea came about in the process of planning as I’d wanted to do as well as possible for my two charities, the World Wildlife Fund and Peace Direct.

"In the film, when Forrest runs over the Mississippi for the fourth time, he gets chased by reporters who ask him why he is running. He’s asked if he’s running for world peace, the homeless, women’s rights, the environment or animals. My two charities encompass all of these things and they blow me away and provide a great source of motivation every time I read about their work. I just want to help how I can.

"My mum, who unfortunately died a few years ago told me to do one thing in my life that made a difference and well, this is it!

"No-one has ever done this run before, in fact, three days ago I became the first person EVER to run across America three times in a year and I’m still going. Forrest was a great character and didn’t judge anyone, always had time for people and I try and act that way myself, so it all fit."

He's ran from Los Angeles to Maine, Alabama to Los Angeles, and now is running from Maine to San Francisco, all the way to Monument Valley, in Utah.

He also hasn't shaved on the road, so he's sporting a rather wild beard, one to make Tom Hanks jealous. Forrest Gump, of course, did the same thing, inspiring tons of people to run with him and coining famous catch phrases like sh*t happens in the process.

What do you think about Rob Pope and his massive run? It's insanely impressive, but I feel like I'm in pain just thinking about it. I mean, how can any human possibly run over 15,000 miles? Where do you sleep? Where do you get money from? My brain hurts.

Good work, Rob.