Hero reporter saves Texas flood victim's life on live TV

Hero reporter saves Texas flood victim's life on live TV

As I'm sure you're all aware, the city of Houston, Texas, is currently in the midst of its worst storm on record. There has been a record high of 30in (75cm) or rain in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, with many of the roads that run through the city turning into rivers. It is believed that the area will receive a years rainfall over the next week and five people are currently being reported as dead as a result of the flooding.

Credit: Youtube/KHOU

With rescue services being overstretched as the rain continues to cause havoc throughout the city, those in danger are now having to fend for themselves or rely on the assistance of others in order to help them. This was certainly the case yesterday, where a local news reporter is being dubbed a hero after she helped save the life of a stranded truck driver, whose was in danger of drowning.

Credit: Twitter/BrandiKHOU

Brandi Smith, was working in the field, where she was reporting on the devastating effects that the category 4 storm was having on the city, when her cameraman noticed the truck driver in distress.

The driver who has only been identified as Robert, was trapped in the cab of his truck and the water levels around him were rising, putting him at risk of drowning.

Breaking from her pre-meditated script to narrate on the dangerous scene that was unfolding, Brandi said:

"The lights are going on this truck and the windshield wipers are going and as we get a little closer, it does look like there is someone inside... There is movement inside of this truck.

Credit: Twitter/BrandiKHOU

"Sir, are you OK? Can you get to the top of your vehicle? Can you get to the top of your truck? Do not climb into the water."

As if by luck, a patrol car towing a boat speeds past Brandi and her camera man, and the journalist is quick to leave her post to try and flag it down and ask for help.

You can watch the highlights from the dramatic footage below:

Thankfully the crew are able to rescue Robert from the truck and Brandi took to Twitter to confirm that everybody involved in the incident was safe.

Writing through notepad on her phone and then uploading it to Twitter, Brandi said:

"Far too much to say in 140 characters...

"First, thank you to everyone who has reach out. We are safe and so is Robert, the driver who was rescued.

"Second, all the credit for that rescue goes to photographer Mario Sandoval, who spotted the truck, and the HCSO crews who rescued the driver. Amazing work, you guys!"

Brandi Smith was out reporting despite the fact that her channel's studio had been completely flooded and all of her colleagues were evacuated. Reports coming out of Houston suggest that around 30,000 people will need to placed in shelters as a result of the freak weather.

It's a fantastic bit of thinking by Brandi and her team, who has more than certainly saved a man's life. Our thoughts are with all those caught up in the storm.