Kim Kardashian pledges $500,000 to Hurricane Harvey victims

Kim Kardashian pledges $500,000 to Hurricane Harvey victims

2017 hasn't been exactly kind to the Kardashian/ Jenner clan thus far.

Though that might seem a strange thing to say about one of the world's most famous and influential families, the Kardashian/Jenner's have been on the receiving end of a not inconsiderable amount of negative press this year.

Things commenced on a bad note when Kendall Jenner was slammed for her part in an ill-conceived Pepsi commercial that came under fire for apparently insensitive parallels to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jenner was depicted joining a group of protesters, before breaking free of the crowd to hand an onlooking police officer a can of Pepsi. With a "well, what d'you know" look to his colleague, the officer takes the can to rapturous applause from the onlooking gathering. Though Jenner can hardly be blamed for the tone and message of the advert, as the famous face, she received a barrage of criticism. Then, Kendall and her sister Kylie found themselves in hot water after releasing a line of t shirts that displayed musical icons with their own Instagram images super imposed over the top. The line was met with derision by many, including Sharon Osbourne, whose partner Ozzy Osbourne was featured on one design.

Kendall Jenner posing Credit: Getty

Though the Kardashians are often held up by detractors of fame for its own sake as an example of how vapid the concept of celebrity has become in our modern culture, they perhaps get more than their far share of ire and criticism.

In the wake of the terrible flooding in Houston, Texas, celebrities have been pledging their support for those affected by the tragic, unprecedented scenes. Hurricane Harvey has wrought striking changes to the normal landscape, and it is believed that at least 11 people have died as a result of the tempest. Famous faces including The Rock, Kevin Hart, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have all announced their intention to provide aid to the victims, with Kardashian yesterday tweeting;

"Houston we are praying for you! My mom, sisters & I will be donating $500,000 to @redcross and @salvationarmyus today #HoustonStrong."

Meanwhile, Beyonce released a statement via The Houston Chronicle on Monday that read;

"My heart goes out to my hometown, Houston, and I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help ... I am working closely with my team at BeyGOOD as well as my pastor (Rudy Rasmus at St. John's in downtown Houston) to implement a plan to help as many as we can."

Kevin Hart, meanwhile, challenged his contemporaries in Hollywood to donate to the cause, a rallying cry that has been taken up by The Rock, DJ Khaled and Nicki Minaj, among others.

President Trump, meanwhile, has visited Texas in the wake of the flooding, and described the storm as "epic". Hurricane Harvey was the most powerful to hit the state of Texas in more than 50 years, the BBC has reported.