A man is being charged after a racist rant and fight outside of a Starbucks

A man is being charged after a racist rant and fight outside of a Starbucks

We hear a lot about Nazis and unconscious racism, but what about 'ordinary' people among us who are ready to snap and go on the most insane racist tirades possible? Average guys in suits who, if they have a bad enough day, can break bad like Walter White and become insane white supremacists just to let off some steam?

William Boucher, a 24 year old man, is facing felony charges for an assault outside of a Chicago Starbucks. The incident was videotaped in June, and Boucher is in Cook County jail on $50,000 bail. Since being charged for the assault, four separate felony hate crime charges have been leveled against him.

Here's the video:

Boucher goes insane inside the Starbucks, but outside, when a black observer gets targeted, it gets even more wild. He shouts: "Shut up, slave!" and the man rushes toward him. The fight is prevented by a bystander, but Boucher continues to scream racial hatred, shouting: "Do not talk to me! Your children are disposable vermin!"

He spits on one of the black men watching. Taunting a black man walking away, Boucher yells: "Get on all fours! Do not walk off on two legs!"

After the screaming, Boucher walks away in a huff. It seems like it's over...until a seemingly homeless man approaches Boucher, probably to discuss how crazy he is for being a mad racist. Instead of listening, Boucher punches him, and the homeless man is thrown to the ground. Damn.

Two men run and tackle Boucher to the ground, ending his reign of terror and his warpath. Now, on $50,000 bail, Boucher will have a long time to think on his actions. He has more hate crime felonies than most people have close friends.

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Why is it that some of the most racist men alive look so...dweeby? If they're going to argue for the superiority of their race, they always seem a little doughy, a little subpar.

The homeless man who he punched, by the way, was 59 years old. He was taken to the hospital for injured eyes, and at least he's doing better now that Boucher is in his cell. The black men who Boucher insulted deserve their peace of mind. After enduring a racist tirade like that, the last thing they need is to have to deal with William Boucher again.

Gerald Mitchell, one of the black men who Boucher spit on, told the Chicago-Sun-Times: “He said a lot of stuff that didn’t make it on the video. I try to see the good in people. I don’t know his background. I would try to give him the benefit of the doubt. I just know it was downright wrong. Disgusting."

Mitchell is so generous here! What a truly nice guy.

“I hope he learns something from this," he added.

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Starbucks, of course, had to cover their hide:

“We have absolutely no tolerance for this type of behavior in our stores, and are grateful to the partners (employees) and customers who stepped in to help until officers arrived.”

Well, at least justice has been served.