Man saves rabbit from California wildfire, becomes Internet hero

Man saves rabbit from California wildfire, becomes Internet hero

There are wildfires all the time in Southern California, but what's happening at the moment is insane. More than 100,000 acres are engulfed in flames. In Ventura County, the Thomas Fire started out as a 50 acre brush fire, and grew to 10,000 acres in four hours. Now it's spread to 90,000 acres. Meanwhile, in the affluent neighborhood of Bel-Air, the Skirball Fire has affected 46,000 residents. Authorities have ordered mandatory evacuations, the fires have knocked out power for 190,000 customers, and the beautiful pastoral backgrounds now resemble the ninth circle of Hell.

Thousands of firefighters are struggling to contain the fast-moving infernos, which are fueled by a wicked combination of powerful winds and "dangerously dry vegetation." The Los Angeles Fire Chief reports that the brush burning index report is at an all time high, of 296. 165 is considered extreme. Astronaut Randy Bresnik tweeted that he could even see the smoke from the International Space Station.

As residents flee the flames, we've heard heartbreaking stories about childhood homes reduced to rubble and ashes. We've also seen several striking images of people driving down the freeway, like everything's normal, with the conflagration blazing above them, like a scene from an apocalypse movie. (Luckily, there have no been no casualties.)

However, we've also heard one uplifting story, that has spread across the Internet like - I guess I shouldn't say wildfire, should I? Too soon. Anyway, in Ventura County, as residents were fleeing the Thomas Fire, one man pulled over, and ran into the deadly flames to save the life of a rabbit. Whether you think it's brave or foolish, we can all agree it's pretty adorable. A local news crew captured it all on camera.

"Witnesses say this man pulled over to save a wild rabbit from flames along Highway 1 in Southern California as the massive #ThomasFire spreads toward Santa Barbara County."

The news crew asked the man for an interview, and he said no. We don't even know his name. But everyone on the Internet thinks he's a hero, and posted some pretty entertaining reactions.

"Ohh this makes me feel sad as I literally just had rabbit for dinner. ?"


"Dear Stranger: EVERY woman I know, and several men, will now want to date you. Compassion for animals is very attractive! ?"

"Is it too late to change Time's Person of the Year?"

"Cool I'm crying a lot"

"Damn... and just like that my faith in humanity is restored. We're definitely broken right now but THIS? This means we're going to be okay. Thanks, young man, for being a good person. Our world needs a lot more people like you. I'm sure his mother is none too happy with him tho"

"The sweetest thing I’ve seen today. Hope they are both safe."

"Every time I think the world sucks and deserves to just end...a hero walks among us and changes my mind. ?❤️"

"That's how real heroes roll. Do and go. No Camera interviews!!"

There you go - faith in humanity is restored, we have a new Time Person of the Year, and if this guy ever chooses to identify himself, he'll have no trouble getting a date. Actually, you know what? It was me. That was me in the video. I saved the rabbit. Email me, ladies!