These pictures of Area 51 are the 'clearest ever' taken

These pictures of Area 51 are the 'clearest ever' taken

Whilst we all know what Area 51 is, very few of us actually know anything about it. Shrouded with an air of mystery, Area 51 is hidden deep inside the depths of the Nevada desert, and refers to a highly classified United States Air Force Base where the Nevada Test and Training Range operates.

Located 83 miles north of Las Vegas, Area 51 has been plagued with rumours about extra-terrestrial activity since its conception in 1955. And it has inspired a plethora of alleged UFO sightings, conspiracy theories and endless amounts of films and books.

No one quite knows what goes on in Area 51. It was initially set up to test Lockheed U2 reconnaissance planes, but no one except the top ranking officials in US government and the USAF are aware of what the base is currently used for. As such, there is wild speculation around the base, which is only fuelled by the fact that no one is allowed to get too close to Area 51 as authorities tend to lose their cool, and point guns at anyone who dares come near.

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However, such threats didn't discourage top alien investigators, Tim Lee and Tracey Sue, who run the UFO seekers website and YouTube channel, from going on a trek to the top of Tikaboo peak to get a better picture of the so-called military base.

From a vantage point of 8,000ft they were able to take some amazing footage of some never-before-seen aspects of Area 51 using a super-long-distance lens aimed 25 miles to the east of the area. They used such a camera to ensure that they didn't get stopped by the security that so vigilantly patrols the site.

Check out the footage they obtained below:

One of the most popular conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious area is that it harbours the alien spaceship and extraterrestrial bodies from the Roswell UFO incident - which believers think crash-landed in New Mexico in 1947.

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All that has been confirmed about Area 51, in fact, is that it actually exists.

In 2013 US officials acknowledged the base's existence for the first time. This only came after more information about the site was demanded from a Freedom of Information request. But even then, the report that was put together by Jeffrey T. Richelson only referred to the base as "Area 51" a handful of times.

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Theorists regularly flock to the site to try to witness some of the extra-terrestrial activity that they believe goes on there. Alien aficionados claim that everything from time travel, alien abduction and teleportation take place there.

But, as of now, Barack Obama remains the only US President to have referred to the base as "Area 51". Whilst he didn't confirm that he knew anything about the secret site, believers got very excited that the base had been acknowledged by someone so influential.

Well, it's evident that these snaps are the clearest images of Area 51 that we've ever seen, and probably will see for some time. As any budding conspiracy theorist will know, it's impossibly hard to get anywhere near the place.