Pranksters add pee-resistant sheets, KKK hoods, and other MAGA stuff to the Trump Tower gift shop

Pranksters add pee-resistant sheets, KKK hoods, and other MAGA stuff to the Trump Tower gift shop

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, has only continued to become more of a divisive figure. In the last two months alone, he has announced that he plans to reinstate a ban on transgender individuals serving "in any capacity" in the US military, while also failing to condone the actions of the white supremacist groups involved in the Charlottesville protests.

In the aftermath of the Charlottesville tragedy, Trump stated that  "both sides" were to blame for the incident wherein three people were killed and 19 others injured. Despite denouncing the violence, the US President failed to outrightly condemn the actions of the white supremacist groups who proudly wielded torches and shouted things like "Jews won't replace us!".

In fact, he later asserted, "you had a group on one side that was bad [...] you had a group on the other side that was also very violent." He continued, "nobody wants to say that. I'll say it right now," whilst the remainder of the world was left speechless.


Certainly, there has been both national and international fury against Trump's administration following his response to the events at Charlottesville. Two New York-based artists and pranksters, however, had a rather novel approach to displaying their outrage when they snuck some limited-edition inventory into the gift shop in his Trump Tower.

The new merchandise, which lucky shoppers were able to purchase by Monday afternoon, included a Trump-branded KKK hood for "fine people", postcards featuring the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin and urine-resistant rubber sheets.

All of the products boast satirical copy, with the Trump themed KKK hood featuring a "quote" from Trump, declaring it to be "the same brand [his] father used".

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Unlike the KKK hoods, the pee-proof rubber sheets are actually functional...

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The postcard rack also boasted some new additions, including a homage to the 'incoming president of the United States', Vladimir Putin, as well as the First Lady, Ivanka Trump and the flesh on Donald Trump's neck - that is, his "wattle".

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Speaking to Gothamist, the artists stated:

"We thought the tourists coming in to buy some stuff, especially people from other countries, should get the whole story of who the president is, because the items in the Trump store don't accurately reflect the person." 

They added that some shoppers couldn't even distinguish between the real Trump merchandise and their hilarious additions, "my partner was in the back putting in some of the items and he said to someone, 'Oh did you see this?' and they didn't even bat an eye," one said.  

In an attempt to measure the public's discontent with Trump's response to the events at Charlottesville, ABC News and The Washington Post conducted a poll which found that a whopping 56 percent of the American population was dissatisfied with the way in which he reacted to the violence seen in the Virginian city.

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