Stranded dad crashes his daughter's first day of school in New York

Stranded dad crashes his daughter's first day of school in New York

Parents have a special talent when it comes to being embarrassing. Somehow they just know exactly what to do in order to mortify their kids; sometimes accidentally, but often deliberately. For a lot of young people, school is the only respite they have from their crazy parents - and it's a rarity that they'd ever show up there.

But this is exactly what happened to Kerubo Anassi, a student studying in New York, whose father gatecrashed her class. In a spectacular feat of parental cringe-worthiness, Anassi's dad showed up on her first day at college. It wasn't entirely deliberate, though, as the father had been stranded in the city after Hurricane Harvey hit. Unable to get back home to Houston because of the tropical storm, Kerubo's dad decided to tag along to his daughter's oral history class - and take some selfies while he was there.

Omete Anassi's tweet Credit: Twitter

Omete Anassi, Kerubo's older brother, posted about the situation on Twitter. "My pops can't fly back to Houston," he explained. 'Pops' didn't seem too put-out by the arrangement, though - in fact, the pictures he sent to the family group chat seem to show him having a great time.



family groupchat screenshot Credit: Twitter

"In class called oral history @ new school," wrote Mr. Anassi, apparently oblivious to his daughter's utter humiliation.

"Get out before we start please!" Kerubo wrote - but to no response.

Omete, doing what any older brother with a decent social media following would do, gleefully responded with, "HAHAHAH POSTING EVERYWHERE". And he did.

The full post, which has now garnered over 30,000 retweets and close to 100,000 likes, shows the conversation followed by a few more pictures of Mr. Anassi. In the final picture, the embarrassing dad can be seen laughing while facetiming his son - with Kerubo nowhere to be seen. Maybe she managed to ditch him at last, or perhaps he'd just gone rogue and was signing up to as many classes as he could.

Other people were quicker to see the humour of the situation than poor Keruo. "Please send us a picture when they are graduating cos as it stands, they both studying for that degree," wrote one user.

Responses also came pouring in from other Twitter users whose parents had been stuck with them after the Houston flooding. One reply from Nicole Zimmer said, "I feel for your sister, dude. Tell her she's not alone. Lol." Zimmer also posted a picture of herself and her mother - who appears to be making herself at home with a glass of wine on her daughter's bed.

Talk about an invasion of privacy.

Deep down, though, I think the likes of Nicole and Kerubo would rather have their parents with them than face the alternative. Who knows what might have happened if Mr. Anassi had been in Houston at the time the storm hit? rather than with his daughter in New York.

Since the first post, Omete has promised a family selfie of his father and sister together - hopefully they've learnt to get along as classmates by then.