White nationalist lies on the internet, Twitter calls him out

White nationalist lies on the internet, Twitter calls him out

Lying on the internet is never a wise move. Not if you're a celebrity, not if you're a regular Joe, and definitely not if you're one of the most hated people on social media.

Tim Gionet, better known by his Twitter username 'Baked Alaska', is one such person. He has a certain degree of notoriety on the social media platform - and not for good reasons. As well as being known for the song 'MAGA Anthem', Gionet is also recognised for his pro-Nazi opinions and anti-Semitism.

Though normally outspoken on his views, the white nationalist found himself backed into a corner this week after he claimed that the news network Al Jazeera had photoshopped a picture of him. The image in question was used in a video titled "White supremacists love Bashar al-Assad. But why?", i which Gionet was featured because he had claimed that Syrian dictator Assad "did nothing wrong".

In a threatening tweet containing a screenshot of the image, he wrote: "Wow @ajplus photoshopped a picture of me holding a gun & calls me white supremacist, putting me in danger! BIG LAWSUIT coming!"

The only problem is that Al Jazeera did not shop the image. In fact, Gionet himself had posted the picture on his personal Twitter just a month earlier. And, with Twitter being the master sleuths they are, the original tweet was soon exposed.

"i hope all white supremacists end up being as dumb as @bakedalaska," wrote user 'Krang T Nelson' in a post that was retweeted over 8,000 times. The post shows a side-by-side of the Al Jazeera screenshot and Gionet's original tweet from August this year.

Gionet is still trying to make a case of the matter, saying "They took a photoshopped meme and cropped it with "white supremacist" over it to make it look real. It's obviously not a real photo."

The thing is, Baked Alaska hasn't even deleted the tweet that the original image came from, and the only part that was cropped out was some of the excess white space around the outside. If this image was really so slanderous, why would he keep it posted on his personal account?

This is not the first time Baked Alaska has been humiliated on the social media platform, either. During the Charlottesville rally, in which Gionet participated alongside white supremacists and self-proclaimed Neo-Nazis, the internet troll was maced. A friend of Gionet's posted from his Twitter account after the attack happened, saying:

"Hey guys this is Tony. Baked alaska has been badly Bear maced with Co2 charged can. Very extreme pain please pray #Charlottesville".

If the aim of the tweet was to garner sympathy, it failed dramatically. Thousands of people responded to the tweet, most of them celebrating the fact that somebody had maced the right-wing white nationalist.

One person tweeted a video of Gionet after the incident, saying it was "funnier than any comedy made in the last twenty years". It got more retweets than the original post asking people to "please pray" on Baked Alaska's account.

With regards to the most recent facepalm-moment from Gionet, several news outlets have reached out in order to get more details about the "BIG LAWSUIT" that he's threatened. However, it seems that Baked Alaska always has an excuse when it comes to backing up his claims:

Maybe one day he'll learn not to make such ridiculous statements on Twitter, because the internet is always ready to respond with receipts.