Woman describes her feelings after finding out her ex-husband and daughter are now married

Woman describes her feelings after finding out her ex-husband and daughter are now married

However much you dislike your ex, it can be difficult to see them with someone new. But while most of the time it will be someone you've never met, or at worst a close friend of theirs that they have turned to, it's rare that you'll have it as bad as Alyssa had it. When she sees who her ex-husband is with now, she sees her own daughter.

Steve Pladl, 42, and his daughter Katie, 20, were arrested and charged with incest, after it was revealed that they had began a relationship culminating in having a baby together.

Back in 1998, Steven had to give Katie up for adoption, but 18 years later she tracked her biological parents down using social media. She got in contact with the pair and moved into their home in Richmond, Virginia in 2016. She lived with them and their two other young children, when the couple separated.

Things took a turn for the worst last May when Alyssa discovered that Katie was pregnant and Steven was the father. She had come across this information in one of her children's diaries. Her 11-year-old daughter had written:

"Katie is pregnant. Dad says they feel like couples. Did they get a little too drunk that night? My dad is a slut.

He's Satan. He's f*cking SATAN. He'll go to hell but he won't be the one getting tortured, he'll be the one torturing people"

They matter got taken to the police, and the couple were arrested. According to information uncovered in the warrants, the father had even asked the other children to call Katie "step-mom".

It turns out that this came to pass, as photos shared to social media showed a pregnant Katie and Steven embracing with the date 20 July layered over, and others showing them posing with guests at their wedding. With all this coming to light, Katie's mother and Steven's ex-wife Alyssa has spoken out about the events.

The 37-year-old explained that there were "no words" to describe the "sense of betrayal and disgust" she feels after finding out about it:

"I waited 18 long years to have a relationship with my daughter - and now he's completely destroyed it."

"Katie is the victim, she needs to get some help, she needs to be shown how to prioritise that child and rebuild her life."

"From what I know it was an official wedding, even if it was illegal. They just didn't disclose their father-daughter relationship.

"They were all there for an incestuous wedding and she's pregnant with his baby. How they could be there celebrating is beyond me."

After the relationship was reported, the couple were arrested on 27 January and charged with incest, adultery and contributing to delinquency. The child was born in September 2017. Apparently, the crimes could land them up to 10 years in prison if they're found guilty.

Bail was set at $1 million, which Steven managed to raise. However, Katie remains at the Wake County Detention Centre in North Carolina, awaiting extradition back to Virginia.