Woman pulls gun on shoppers during fight over school supplies at Walmart

Woman pulls gun on shoppers during fight over school supplies at Walmart

This time of year can be a very stressful time for families across the country. Children are heading back to school, no doubt dreading the end of summer and the beginning of classes, tests and homework once again. But this time is far more difficult for their parents, as they are the ones who have to make sure their children are ready and prepared to head back to education.

That means buying the right text books, gym kits, stationary and god knows what else. I remember this time being frustrating, and that was when I was a kid, with no thought over how much it all costs or the time it takes to collect it all. Worst of all is when you find that something essential to the burgeoning new year is sold out completely.

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But we'd all hope to keep a cool head, unlike the furious argument that erupted in this particular Walmart store. A group of women got into a fight in a store in Novi, Michigan, which culminated in one of the women pulling out a gun. All of this was over the last notebook left on the shelf.

In the Novi Town Center store, two Farmington Hills residents, ages 46 and 32, got into a fight with a mother, 52, and her 20-year-old daughter from South Lyon. WCRZ-FM reports that they were shopping for school supplies when two of the women reached for the last notebook at the same time.

"It was in the back to school section over a notebook," Novi Police Detective Scott Baetens explained, "One girl was going to buy a notebook. There was one left, some pushing resulted. They began to argue who was the rightful purchaser of that notebook."

A fight ensued, as the the 20-year-old's hair was reportedly pulled. As she was pushed aside, the mother pulled out a gun on the two women. It was loaded, but luckily there were no rounds in the chamber. As the fight quickly ended the customers ran away as the police were called. The initial fight was captured on video by a bystander.

Baetens explained:

"She's a valid CPL holder. She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them. It was a senseless act of violence all the way around.

"A simple assault could be just a local ordinance, a 90-day misdemanor. All the way up to felonious assault with a firearm, which is a felony"

Novi police are looking for more witnesses to come forward while they work to get surveillance footage from the store, to get a better look at what transpired. They hope to determine who the aggressors were and if the woman rightfully pulled the gun in self-defence. All four women are facing possible charges.

Despite how heated the initial argument and fight was, I've got to think that it wasn't worth pulling a gun out over - while the woman taking her firearm along with her to go shopping with her daughter doesn't exactly sound like a calm and relaxed person to me. In the end, we are still unsure who got the notebook.