Woman writes scathing open letter to white supremacists

Woman writes scathing open letter to white supremacists

As you will have noticed by now, 2017 isn't exactly a shining example for humanity. In the US, tensions between differing viewpoints are on the rise, with some situations even escalating to violence. The events of Charlottesville rocked the country, as arguments turned to skirmishes, and violence lead to tragedy.

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Shocking many of us was the fact that participating in the Charlottesville march, and many others scheduled across the country, were neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Not even people with similar views but insisting to be unrelated to the groups, or those standing behind terminology such as the 'alt-right', but full-blown white supremacists. They took to the streets to let the world know that they are here and unafraid to spout their harmful rhetoric.

It's pretty hard to say what the best course of action is to follow something like this. Some have shown themselves able to defend anything, as they plea for tolerance in the face of hateful extremism. Many took to social media to vent their anger, but one woman did it the old-fashioned way: by writing to the newspaper.

Spotted by Twitter user Alicia Mayer in The Salt Lake Tribune, this letter fought back against the apparent white supremacist movement in the country. Jonna Ramey, a 67-year-old woman from Salt Lake City, Utah, had something to say about it all, and she did not mince words.

"I am a 67-year-old American white woman. My parents enlisted in World War II to fight fascism. They both served; my mother was a nurse, my father navigated bombers. They lost friends in that bloody war so that all the world could be free of fascism. They did not fight so that some white people could claim supremacy or that Nazis could openly walk the streets of America.

White person to white supremacist person: What is wrong with you?"

The letter, which has an astoundingly bold start, cuts straight to the issue. She's addressing the reader who may be a white supremacist, or leaning in that direction, asking them why this is the path they have chosen.

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"People of European heritage are doing just fine in the world. They run most of the world’s institutions, hold much of the world’s wealth, replicate as frequently as other humans. You’re not in any danger here. The world is changing, that’s true. Others want a piece of the pie. They work for it, strive for it and earn it. 

Technology (robotics) is having a greater effect on your job prospects than immigrants. Going forward, tackling corporate control and climate change will need all of our attention, ideas and energy. Put down your Tiki torches and trite flags and get involved in some real work."

Writing in a way that is both eloquent and savage, Jonna calls white supremacists "profound losers", an insult that I may have to use myself one of these days. The tweet went viral, amassing over 80,000 retweets so far.

"By the way, the world won the war against Nazi fascism in the 1940s, just as America won the war against the Confederacy in the 1860s. Aligning with two lost causes just labels you as profound losers. 

And finally, white person to white person: Like my parents before me, I will not stand idly by nor give up my rights or the rights of other Americans because you think you are better than some of us. It doesn’t work that way. All Americans stand shoulder to shoulder against your hatred and bigotry."

For all the critical words, she ends on a positive note. The optimism is essential to us all moving on, standing side by side against prejudice and hatred. Good on you, Jonna.