Dennis Rodman reveals that Kim Jong-un loves karaoke and is 'always smiling'

Dennis Rodman reveals that Kim Jong-un loves karaoke and is 'always smiling'

Amidst the near constant enmity, startling militaristic rhetoric and general bluster and bombast, there remains one American who appears to be on relatively good terms with Kim Jong-un.

2017 has been characterised by the United States' rapidly evaporating relations with North Korea, For months now, the two countries have appeared to be tip-toeing ever closer to a precipice, a fall from which could spell only disaster on a considerable scale.

The United States has been consistently condemnatory of North Korea's missile testing programme, which flies in the face of sanctions from several countries and international bodies, while the North has cast America as the provocateur in return. UN sanctions appear to have had no effect on Pyongyang's military ambitions, and President Trump has grown frustrated with President Xi Jinping of China's inability to restrain Kim Jong-un.

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In short, the precarious situation on the Korean peninsula has, perhaps, never been more fraught and delicate. One American, though, has enjoyed a relationship with North Korea and Kim Jong-un for some time; the larger-than-life NBA legend Dennis Rodman.

It has long been one of the more bizarre stories in our modern culture, Rodman's friendship with Kim Jong-un, and perhaps due to the current insecurities on the Korean peninsula, Rodman has become an object of intrigue to news shows and interviewers.

Reportedly, the former Chicago Bulls star visited North Korea in 2013 as Kim Jong-un apparently enjoyed basketball and the Bulls. As Rodman continues;

"We hang out with each other all the time, we laugh, we do karaoke, we do cool stuff together. We ride horses, we go skiing.

"My whole mission was to bring sports, bring connection, to North Korea. I’ve always said I’m not a politician, not at all. I just go over there to be an ambassador for sports."

Dennis Rodman airport Credit: Getty

Interviewed via satellite link by Piers Morgan, the former NBA star described Kim Jong-un thus;

"Everytime I see him, he’s always calm, he’s always smiling. To me, in person, he’s just like anybody else to me. I’ve never seen anyone in my life with that much power.

"I don’t love him, I just want to straighten things out to get everyone to get along together."

Rodman also happens to know Donald Trump relatively well, thanks to a stint on the Celebrity Apprentice, and he believes that if the President were to reach out to Kim Jong-un, an open dialogue could be established;

"You know as well as I do, Donald can be a bit crazy sometimes. He loves to be cocky, he loves to be the man. I love Donald Trump. One day, if Donald can reach out and say “I’ll try to do something”… everyone is fighting each other.

"To me, I think if the President even tries to reach out to Kim, there’s a great possibility that things could happen. If they have a mutual conversation and try to engage and start some dialogue, that could open a door a little bit."

Could Dennis Rodman prove the key to peace on the Korean peninsula? In this bizarre world we now inhabit, how could we possibly count it out?