Incredibly dangerous new 'Hot Coil Challenge' is scarring people for life

Incredibly dangerous new 'Hot Coil Challenge' is scarring people for life

Just when you think that humanity couldn't get any dumber, they step up their game with a new viral challenge. While it's unclear how much this one will catch on, the recent fiasco with the 'Tide Pod Challenge' has shown us that hospitalisation sometimes isn't enough to keep people away from seeking out likes, upvotes, views and retweets.

There has been a long line of challenges designed to cause discomfort (or worse) to whoever's trying it out. There was 'the Gallon Challenge', where you have to drink a gallon of milk in one sitting, and there was the horrific 'Condom Challenge', wherein people were snorting condoms in one nostril and pulling them out of the other.

One of the best known examples was 'The Cinnamon Challenge', which required people to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. It sounds fairly innocent compared to the others, but as drunk 17-year-old me can attest, it is the absolute worst and will ruin your evening. But while coughing and having a dry mouth are irritating, it's nothing compared to the people who were ingesting laundry detergent in the Tide Pod Challenge.

The idea behind the challenge is that you put a detergent pod in your mouth, bite down on the cleaning product and release the powdered detergent and liquid soap. No one is swallowing it, but getting it on your tongue is bad enough, given the reactions from many of the videos.

It seemed to have originated from a College Humor video from last year, although there were a plethora of jokes and memes going around Twitter where users joked about being tempted to eat Tide Pods because they looked like candy. But, to the dismay of many, the joke entered into the real world in a major way.

Last year poison control centers received reports of over 10,000 exposures to the detergent by children, accordng to American Assciation of Poison Control Centers. Things came to a head when one medical case made the rounds, which told of a boy who was rushed to hospital and nearly died from his attempt to film a reaction video.

Rather than step down at this point, it seems as if the internet is doubling down instead. One video was posted to Reddit, and has now made its way to YouTube too. In the clip, one ballsy (stupid) man holds his forearm onto a hot coil for a few seconds. It's pretty horrific as it is, but by naming it the 'Hot Coil Challenge', there may be even more down the line.

The top comment on the Reddit post was "Well, that was f*cking stupid", while the YouTube video provided even more criticism. "We are not a species meant to survive," one wrote, while another added: "I love this! We're branding all the idiots, make them easily identifiable".

Hopefully this won't trend in the same way that the Tide Pod Challenge did, but as some of the comments already show, not many people are on board with it.