Adolf Hitler was turned on by war and death according to new book

Adolf Hitler was turned on by war and death according to new book

If you had to name the best person in history and the worst person in history, whom would you choose? The most likely answer is something like: Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler. Of course, this places Hitler in a very bizarre position.

Despite being an ordinary man, he is considered the moral opposite of figures who are synonymous with God. Even to the secular mind, Adolf Hitler presents an unerring and supernatural evil, a person in whom no good resides, who was birthed unto history only to sever it in two - pre-Hitler and post-Hitler.

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He is a figure of ultimate evil, and no accusation put on his name would surprise anybody. He's a pedophile? Sure. He gave meth to puppies? Why not. But beneath all the Manichaean good-and-evil doomsday scenarios, Adolf Hitler was a man. A man with, allegedly, some horrifying secret activities that informed his larger anti-Semitic and genocidal personality.

A new book by psychologist Volker Elis Pilgrim, released in Germany by the title The Sexual No-Man's Land, contains new information about the mythological Chancellor's personal and sexual proclivities.

He was, according to Pilgrim, a "lurid pervert" and a "sexually confused serial killer". Hitler himself wrote that he had "overcome the urge to possess a woman physically", and said that the German nation was his bride. In loving nationalism over flesh-and-blood humans, he abstained from ordinary sex and became a more and more contorted sexual figure.

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It all culminated in this: public masturbation. German actress Marianna Hopper was seated next to Hitler during the showing of a propagandistic war film, The Rebel, depicting Austrians killing French soldiers by rolling boulders down on them. Hopper's testimony is clear:

"And there, I believe, Hitler got some kind of thrill and rubbed his knees at this event, as the stones rolled down on the French, and groaned. I don't know if he was crazy, but he got some kind of orgasm. I wanted to leave during the show. The man was creepy."

Yeah, it speaks for itself. The author of the book, Pilgrim, created wide-ranging theories based on this lust for violence. He commented:

"The speciality of serial the slow, sophisticated, extremely cruel taking of life. That is exactly what Hitler practised - only with the aid of his helpers."

Here, the diagnosis may get a bit over-the-top. I'm no Freudian, but you mean to tell me that the Holocaust was a form of non-consensual fetish torture? I don't know. It seems a bit too convenient to reduce it all to his perversion.

However, Pilgrim has even more chilling ideas about the peculiar nature of Hitler's psychological profile. He writes, in an argument that will span four volumes and over 900 pages, that Hitler was not a murderous pervert until 1918, when military psychologists "ignited Hitler's previously displaced serial killer potential by accident" in the process of treating his wounds from chemical weapons on the battlefields of World War I.

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What a horrific idea! The notion that a random soldier - a nobody with a bit of fanaticism inside him - could go insane from gas attacks in one traumatic war and then start the next traumatic war on an even larger scale. In fact, it really bites to the bone of our human consciousness.

A traumatized nobody has the power to become the evil version of Christ, the opposite of the highest possible good. Any kind of attack can turn seemingly ordinary people into absolute villains, depending only on chance, the composition of their brains, and the political climate of the times.

Who will be the next soldier who loses all empathy in a war and becomes the harbinger of ultimate evil? We do not know how low our human shadow dips, into the brick and circumference of this round Earth.