Beekeeper sits his bare butt on a beehive for bizarre £500 bet to pay for wedding

Beekeeper sits his bare butt on a beehive for bizarre £500 bet to pay for wedding

We've all done some bizarre things in our lives.

Things that one looks back on and muses, "What on earth was I thinking?". Possibly it was a questionable period of particularly inadvisable fashion choices, maybe it was a situation with a friend or colleague that you wish you had handled with more dignity.

Regardless, it is a futile exercise, to try and change the past. We must, instead, learn from our mistakes and resolve to move forward as more complete, well rounded individuals. Everyone makes errors of judgement, particularly in moments of youthful folly, so a certain level of forgiveness - both for yourself and from others - is really important, particularly if we are to move on from the mistakes of the misty days of yore.

When it comes to making money, though, for some reason some of us never seem to grow out of wild bets with our friends, challenges or feats of daredevil endurance. When a group of men get together, for instance, it is basically a waiting game for someone to speak the hallowed words "I bet you $50 you won't -" followed by some improbable and entirely inadvisable task.

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In such times, one poor soul will undoubtedly perform said task to save face and gain monetary reward and save face, to the general hilarity of everyone else involved.

In fact, that is exactly what appears to have happened when  Jamie Grainger was challenged by his friends to sit, bare buttocked, on a bees nest for an agonising 30 seconds. If he was successful, he would win 1,000 New Zealand dollars.

In a stunning turn of events, one of Jamie's colleagues had attempted the feat of endurance moments earlier, only to acquiece after 19 seconds on the hot seat. Jamie, though, had no such problems;

"Was it painful? Well, it was just as you can imagine.

"It wasn't pleasant but it was certainly amusing. As you can imagine your a**e swells up.

"It was just a spur of the moment thing and he offered me a thousand bucks - I was like 'well a thousand bucks, that sounds good'.

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"When my partner Lauren found out we both had a bit of a laugh. And when she found out I'd got a thousand bucks she said to me - 'well that could pay for the wedding'. She was just cracking up.

"One thousand bucks for 30 seconds is the easiest money I've ever earned."

Jamie was quick to point out that the moral side of the best in terms of the bees was solid as well;

"Naturally when bees sting you they die. But it's near the end of the season and a lot die off anyway.

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"There is no harm in what we do - we care about the bees and the job is important to us."

Jamie's friend Aurel, meanwhile, provides a timely reminder that the stunt should not be attempted at home, as he says;

"They're a great team and we're a professional company who work with bees on a daily basis.

"You shouldn't do this if you're not used to bees."

Quite, Aurel. Quite.