You can now dine in the nude at this 'naked restaurant'

You can now dine in the nude at this 'naked restaurant'

Aside from the few confident people who don't mind stripping down in public places such as beaches or outdoor pools, the vast majority of us prefer to keep our private parts, well, private.

And maybe it's because we're embarrassed about we look like, or perhaps it's all down to thousands of years of social conditioning, but the fact of the matter is: most of us simply prefer to be clothed. Unless we're changing or showering or performing other naked activities, that is.

Even so, there's a strange appeal to wearing your birthday suit in front of others. It feels sort of like stealing office supplies, or eating a few bits of candy out of the self-serve bag before it's been weighed. It's taboo, and it's a little bit naughty, I guess - but, on the whole, nobody really cares that much.

That being said, how many of us would be willing to eat at a public restaurant in the nude?

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O’naturel, a Parisian restaurant inspired by London's naked food venue, The Bunyadi, opened on Thursday with a private dinner for the Paris naturist society.

Much like its English counterpart, O'naturel invites its guests in fully-clothed (so you don't worry about having to potentially take a Metro ride in the buff) before showing them to a special cloakroom where they can de-robe. Once suitably undressed, diners can get down to business - ordering and eating food, that is.

However, unlike The Bunyadi, which has privacy curtains between tables, O'naturel is pretty much set out like a regular restaurant. So, not only do you get to enjoy the pleasure of eating naked, you also get an eyeful of your neighbour's saggy bits, too.

Despite this sounding more like some kind of twisted Japanese game show than a viable business venture, the restaurant is pretty confident that the appeal of naked dining is one that'll catch on.

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"We propose you to taste a bistronomic and refined cuisine in a sober and friendly environment," they say. "Whether you are already a naturist or want to try you will be delighted to experience this."

But, really, what is there to experience?

The risk of burning your genitals with a misjudged spoonful of soup? A whole evening of overhearing women saying, "my eyes are up here"? Or, best of all, the chance of bumping into some relatives of yours who happen to have been closeted naturalists for their entire lives? Now wouldn't that be fun.

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Really, though, I'd be more worried about somehow getting a splinter in my butt or catching my belly ring on a table cloth than having other people judge me for the parts where the sun don't shine. Everyone who goes there is doing so with the intention to experience some nude food, and they're probably too preoccupied with their own bodies too give a second thought to anyone else's.

Plus, The Bunyadi was a huge success in the UK, and the French are arguably a little more adventurous in this department than the Brits - so it's likely to go down a treat.