The 'Dear David' ghost child reappears in terrifying new images

The 'Dear David' ghost child reappears in terrifying new images

A few months ago, Adam Ellis, an illustrator who is based in New York, went viral on Twitter after he documented a series of the suspicious ghostly goings-on inside of his apartment. The tweets had people hooked on what was going to happen next and left Twitter feeling shook by the descriptions and images that Adam posted.

Adam's story started when he began to have nightmares of a dead child called Dear David. According to Adam, David had a deformed head and would visit his apartment at night, the illustrator described how he would he peculiar noises when trying to sleep and also claimed that his cats began to act in a strange way. However, things all went quiet on Adam's Twitter account... until now.

The illustrator has delivered a new instalment to the Dear David story and it's fair to say that his 711,000 followers are now more scared than ever before. Starting his latest chapter, Adam apologised for the "long break" and explained what's been going on in his life.

"There also wasn’t much to say for the most part. I wasn’t sleeping well and I was having weird dreams, but they were vague and hard to describe. I’m sleepy all day long, and I’ve been getting sudden bouts of dizziness.

"I chocked it up to always having earbuds crammed in and made a mental note to get my ears checked. Other than that, things were pretty quiet. I sort of fooled myself into thinking that finding those items in the attic somehow ended all this.

"Not that that would make much sense."

"But last week something started to happen. Late on Wednesday, I woke up with a start and felt something strange, like something had just been watching me. I turned on the light but I was alone."

Adam came up with a new plan to try and capture some images or Dear David.

Then, things got very creepy.

In the next Tweet, Adam explains that David disappeared. However, it takes a pretty sadistic turn.

Adam finishes up the story with a close up of David and claims that he doesn't know what do do.

Yeah Adam, if I was you, I'd leave that apartment sharpish.