Drunk guy’s 600km NYE taxi home took him through three countries

Drunk guy’s 600km NYE taxi home took him through three countries

Have you ever woken up, hungover, and wondered exactly how you got home? It's often surprising that the inebriated have the brainpower to get themselves back to the comforts of their bed at the end of a messy night out, but, thankfully, we have the gift of taxis for when we're too drunk to drive and it's too late to take public transport.

Of course, there's no bigger night out in the year than New Year's Eve. As we await the start of a new (and hopefully better) year, we tend to get pretty wasted along the way. If you're at a house party and have a place to crash, or are staying at home, that's all well and good. But if you decided on a night out, you'll likely be troubling a cabbie with your drunken behavior.

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One Norwegian man had been spending his New Year's Eve partying in Copenhagen, Denmark this year, where, like many people that night, he drunkenly jumped into a taxi in the early hours of 2018. What was a bit different about this journey was that his route back took him home via three countries, heading all the way back to his home in Oslo, Norway.

Maybe in his drunken state he got a little confused between where he was staying in Copenhagen and his actual home, or maybe he just thought he had the cash to cover it. This trip, which headed through Sweden on its way to Noway's capital, was a 600km trip. The passenger, who remains unidentified, managed to rack up a bill of 18,000 Norwegian kroner for his journey, which amounts to over $2,000.

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The entire trip would have taken just under seven hours if he was lucky, and if the cabbie didn't take an even longer route to bag some extra dough. But it turned out that it was the driver who was getting done over as apparently, once the man arrived home, he claimed to not know what was going on and refused to pay the cabbie. Heading back into his house, he left the driver alone, now stranded after his battery went flat outside the residence.

The driver promptly called the police, who arrived on the scene shortly after. Oslo police told the tale in a series of tweets, claiming that they found the drunken reveler asleep in bed. When officers woke him, he immediately agreed to cover the bill.

The cost of the total journey ended up amounting to 18,000 Norwegian kroner, which equates to £1,640 or $2,220. It seems this was a one-off drunken offense, as the Norwegian broadcaster NRK reported that he has no previous criminal record of any kind.

The police confirmed that the no-doubt exhausted taxi driver was taken back home, three countries away, with the help of a tow truck. He definitely earned some rest for the start of 2018 at least.