Epic fake tan fail leaves teenager stuck indoors for days

Epic fake tan fail leaves teenager stuck indoors for days

Whoever said you can't have too much of a good thing lied. Especially when it comes to beauty treatments, leaving things a little too late can be the difference between flawless and awful. This is coming from a girl who has left liquid lipstick on for too long. Having sticky, dry, chapped lips all day is not fun - I can tell you that. In February 2016, one woman from North Yorkshire found this out the hard way when she decided to adopt a novel method in applying her fake tan.

After seeing someone do it on Facebook, Imogen Silversides from Scarborough, North Yorkshire decided to apply fake tan all over herself with a roller. She literally painted on the fake tan like she was doing some home improvements on her skin. Somehow, it was only after she ended up "the colour of a dining room table" that she realised it might have been a "bad idea". the 17 year old shared the images on Facebook, which went viral and received 41,000 likes. Now, yet another English woman has been afflicted by Overtan Syndrome. 18 year old Alicia Bettsworth might not have used a roller but her results were just as mortifying as Imogen's - if not more.

Alicia applied three layers of very dark fake tan, but unfortunately fell asleep before washing it up. She had put three layers of the St Moriz fake tan on at 10pm, fell asleep at 11pm and woke up the next day at 6.45am.When she woke up and realised what she had done, she knew it was too late. Her 14 week old daughter confirmed this by bursting to tears at the sight of a mother she no longer recognised. Poor thing!

The mother-of-one from Crawley, West Sussex, realised her mistake when she turned on the lights the next day and saw her self on Snapchat. Who says social media isn't helpful, eh? Like Imogen, Alicia was filled with instant regret but realised it was too late to turn back the hands of tan. See what I did there?

"When I woke up the next day and saw what colour I was I thought 'what the hell have I done?'. Once I got over the shock I started laughing and thought it was hilarious. I looked like I’d bathed in Nutella. It’s such a ‘me’ thing to do – I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I jumped in the shower and tried getting it off using body scrub but it wouldn’t budge.

"Everyone who’s seen it thinking I’m sitting on the sofa but I’m in bed – people think I’m a brown leather sofa. My little girl looked a bit confused at first and then she burst into tears – she was probably a bit scared. Once she realised it was me she stopped crying and started laughing."

Credit: Mercury Press


Alicia ended up staying indoors, cancelling lunch with friends as the whole ordeal was far too "embarrassing" and she could not face the public. However, her baby Dolly needed milk so she had to make the painful journey outdoors and, as expected, people stared. She recalls that even the cashier she purchased the milk from laughed, but she shrugged it off as things could have been much worse - she could have had an important event to attend! Imagine attending a wedding or job interview as an oompa loompa!

A St Moriz spokesman also commented on the story, advising fake tan users to follow instructions listed on the pack and, equally importantly, try to stay awake.

"St Moriz is the brand to give you a tan of any shade and we certainly encourage our customers to experiment a little to find the shade that best suits them. We also recommend building up the product gradually and showering to wash off the guide colour to ensure you’re always photo ready.

"In this case, Alicia got a little more tan than she bargained for by not following the on-pack instructions that show you how to get optimum tan results for your skin tone. You certainly can’t afford to take a snooze like Alisha when you’re on tan watch! A St Moriz product pack is winging its way from us to thank her for being a great sport and one of our tan experts will be contacting her to talk her through the best way to get the right tan in future."

Everyone loves a bit of that holiday glow, even when it's purchased from your local store but one quick nap can be the difference between bronzed fabulousness and a complete complexion overhaul. Try not to fall asleep halfway through beauty treatments, guys - you might literally frighten children with your results.

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