Flight departs from Auckland in 2018 and arrives in Hawaii in 2017

Flight departs from Auckland in 2018 and arrives in Hawaii in 2017

2017 seemed to be the year that would never end. While some people may have enjoyed the eventful 365 days which have just passed, the majority of us were happy to see the back of it and wave it off into the history books. However, one unfortunate group of people literally could not shake off 2017. For one unlucky set of civilians, just when they thought that they had finally departed from the now infamous year, they landed right back in it once again.

In what seems like a feat of time travel that we only see in sci-fi movies on the big screen, passengers of a Hawaiian Airlines flight ended up in a quite bizarre scenario.

Flight HA446 was originally mean to depart from Auckland, NZ, at 11:55pm on New Year's Eve and was set to arrive in Honolulu at 09:45am on New Year's Eve. This was due to the enormous time difference between the two locations, which stands at 23 hours. However, delays on departure meant that the flight didn't leave until five minutes after midnight, resulting in it departing from Auckland in 2018 and landing in Honolulu on the morning of 31 December 2017.

The passengers on board the flight had plenty of time to prepare for a second New Year's Eve celebration that evening, with the flight landing at 10:16am. Unsurprisingly, the story was brought to public attention by transportation reporter Sam Sweeney, who tweeted an image of the flight times and it has since gone viral.

Sam commented:

"Because of an unexpected delay, Hawaiian Airlines flight 446 took off in 2018 and will land in 2017. #timetravel"

People were left fascinated by the timings and plenty of Twitter users were quick to respond to the ABC reporter with comedic gifs, Cher lyrics, and concerns about how closely they mirrored the plot to the ever-confusing TV series, Lost.

It turns out that this wasn't the only example of time travelling to happen on NYE, with plenty of other people journeying between different time zones without the help of some sort of magical scientific equipment.

Six planes took off from Taipei, Taiwan, in 2018, before landing in different US and Canadian destinations in 2017. This included three Eva Air flights to Vancouver, Seattle and Los Angeles, as well as a China Airlines flight to San Francisco.

The idea of travelling through time on any given day is confusing, let alone on a day of such importance and individuality. If you go through two NYE's, do you have to deal with two sets of disappointment at how much of a let down it always is? Do you reverse the effects of ageing, even if it is just for one more day?

Whatever the case, I'm sure that the passengers on flight HA446 were more than happy to wave goodbye to 2017 in Auckland, and were left bitterly disappointed when they landed back in the hell hole that was the year that has just been. Goodbye, 2017 - thank you for being absolutely awful.