Forklift driver causes mass chaos at warehouse with one wrong move

Forklift driver causes mass chaos at warehouse with one wrong move

If you have managed to get to a point in your career where you can confidently say you haven't made a major - or even minor - mistake in the workplace, then it's safe to say that you're lying. Why? Because whether it was entirely your fault or not, errors at work are inevitable.

Be it because you're too busy neglecting your duties on a Friday afternoon, counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until the weekend, or because you're too preoccupied with pouring a rich cup of coffee on a Monday morning, mistakes do happen.

More often than not, they can be rectified. But, in some cases, one tiny mistake can have huge consequences. This was something that this forklift operator learned the hard way when he accidentally tore a warehouse to the ground after one misjudged move...

The security footage below captures the operator entering the warehouse in a way that he had likely done hundreds, if not thousands, of times before.

However, unlike those other occasions, this time disaster would strike...

The identity of the operator and location of the incident remain unclear, but that hasn't stopped the shocking video, which was uploaded to Facebook earlier this week, from garnering more than 600,000 views.

Credit: Facebook / @Simcha5900

The driver reverses, at speed, as he attempts to fit through a tiny gap at the top end of the warehouse, where other employees are busy working.

Credit: Facebook / Simcha5900

In the footage, which was recorded in July last year, it is clear to see the moment when it all went wrong. The moment when the driver knew he'd f*cked up.

Clipping the edge of one of the colossal shelves, the driver is instantly entombed by falling debris which pushes the forklift across the warehouse with surprising force - where it then collides with another shelving unit, which subsequently cascades down.

Meanwhile, the entire warehouse workforce has scrambled, leaving the forklift operator to fend for himself as the building collapses around him in a real-life game of dominoes.

Credit: Facebook / Simcha5900

As the dust settles in the warehouse, the floor can be seen littered with hundreds of battered cardboard boxes which completely conceal the forklift and its driver.

But what happened in this warehouse had nothing on this horrific forklift accident in China:

It is not clear whether the forklift driver, or any other staff, were injured as a result of the incident, or if the driver was able to keep his job after the catastrophe.

Credit: Facebook / Simcha5900

Despite the apparent blame being placed on the forklift driver, many users online have come to his defense, claiming that the incident was a result of poorly-constructed, cheap shelving units which meant that an incident of this nature was just waiting to happen.

On a lighter note, this is what happens when you deliberately mess around with a forklift: 

But back to the incident in question. What do you think? Did the driver make the biggest mistake of his career or was it inevitable?

No doubt more details will come to light as a result of the video's viral status, but until then, it's worth watching to establish quite how it all happened!