Glitter tongue is the new beauty trend going viral on Instagram

Glitter tongue is the new beauty trend going viral on Instagram

Over the last few years, we've seen numerous beauty trends taking over Instagram. Most recently we've had 'sprinkle nails', multi-coloured holographic highlights, and now - just when you thought it couldn't get any more extra - the internet has discovered 'glitter tongue'.

The trend was sparked by Australian makeup artist, Jacinta Vukovic, who posted a snap on the picture-sharing platform titled 'GLITTER TONGUE'.

The eye-catching look was apparently achieved by accident, as Vukovic explains in the post, "I was doing this Lip look and got glitter on my tongue, so I thought I would embrace it and make it the main focus!!" After that, it didn't take long for other makeup enthusiasts to jump on the trend, with some Instagram users coating their entire mouths in the sparkly stuff.

As dazzling as it looks, though, it turns out that cramming your face full of glitter might not be the best thing for your health. While the substance isn't toxic, it can create stomach problems or - in large amounts - cause blockages. This news comes shortly after another recent trend that saw people putting glitter capsules in their vaginas which, just in case you needed telling twice, is definitely not a good idea.

It's also pretty harmful for the environment, too. If you're at all familiar with glitter, you'll know that you can't ever get rid of the stuff once it's been on your skin or clothes - and it's the same case with just about everything else. As a non-biodegradable substance, glitter can stay on the planet for an incredibly long time, meaning it ends up polluting oceans and other vital water sources.

If you did want to join in with the glitter tongue trend, though, there is a solution! Edible glitter is commonly available, and can usually be found in shops alongside baking supplies. It might not last as long as the metallic stuff, but it's certainly a more healthy option - probably tastier, too.

What's more, specially-designed 'bio-glitter' is available online, and is suitable for makeup purposes. This is obviously a better option if you want to adorn your cheeks with a longer-lasting form of shimmer.

I have to say, just looking through the Instagram posts, the look is strangely appealing. I can't imagine it's all too comfortable spending a whole evening with a million tiny discs in your mouth - and, for somebody whose priority is always food, I imagine it'd certainly get in the way of eating - but for aesthetic effect alone, it's very striking.

But where do we go from here? We've already had glitter hair, glitter eyebrows and glitter butts. Is there eyeball-friendly glitter? Has anyone tried putting it on their teeth? Well, whatever you do, if you're keen to try out this somewhat bizarre trend, remember to do it safely. Oh, and prepare to be picking the stuff out of your hair, your clothes, and anywhere within a twenty-mile radius of where you live after you go ahead and douse yourself in it, because, as we all know, it NEVER LEAVES.