These are Google's most searched 'how to' questions

These are Google's most searched 'how to' questions

Modern Homo sapiens look different than their relatives from the pre-internet era. It seems that we have, in one way or another, accepted the internet into our very anatomy by using it as memory storage. It's a scary thought, really.

The Google News Lab has released data on the world's most popular 'how to' searches. They state: "We have become so dependent on offloading, on relieving our brains from keeping certain basic, human information in storage, that we've forgotten how to do some fairly basic grown up tasks".

These 'basic grown up tasks' have been listed among the 100 most searched 'how to' questions worldwide. The report by Google states that 'how to' searches have increased by more than 140 percent since 2004.

The top 100 questions include a lot of things that are embarrassingly simple: how to boil an egg, how to bake a potato and how to write a letter. The nice thing about search engines is that they wont judge you for asking.

Google was accepted as a verb into most dictionaries in 2006, and 'Googling' something has become kind of second nature to us. Can you even imagine a world where you're talking with someone over dinner and they ask, "When did humans start eating with forks?" and rather than Googling it on your phone to immediately suppress your nagging curiosity, you just have to shrug and say, "I don't know, let's try and find it in an encyclopaedia when we next go to the library".

Also among the top 100 are things like: how to make jello shots, how to tell if a guy/girl likes you and how to pick a lock. People also want to know how to start a business, how to get rid of fruit flies and how to make a paper aeroplane.

It shows that the first place we turn when we're interested in executing something (whether it be making jello shots or starting a business) is the internet.

Making it to the top of the list are these 10 most searched phrases:

1. How to tie a tie

tying tie

2. How to kiss


3. How to get pregnant


4. How to lose weight


5. How to draw


6. How to make money

money piggy bank

7. How to make pancakes

making pancakes

8. How to write a cover letter


9. How to make French toast

making french toast

10. How to lose belly fat

measuringKnowing that these are the 10 most searched how to's on Google is kind of comforting. The world shares the same concerns about whether your cover letter is OK, or if you're tying your tie correctly. All 10 are arguably about self-improvement and just making life better (whether that be with a baby, improved drawing skills or less belly fat).

It's nice that people are more interested in these things than something like how to rob a bank or how to get revenge on a high school bully. People would rather just know how to make pancakes AND French toast, and why not?


H/T: Google News Lab / Xaquín G.V.