This high school senior class dressed up as famous pop cultural characters for their IDs

This high school senior class dressed up as famous pop cultural characters for their IDs

School ID photos are usually a pretty boring affair. People just line up one day to get them taken, and nothing more comes of it. Nobody ever looked back at their high school student ID photo and said "Yeah, that's one to keep". At least, until now. North Farmington High, a school in Michigan, did something a little different for their senior photo IDs. And we appreciate it, because it makes for a really enjoyable set of images.

Each student dressed up as a different pop cultural icon, ranging from people who are meme-famous to classic film and television characters. Here's the tweet that started it off, a request for students to compile all their photos together on a single hashtag for the senior class.

With no further ado, here's what it all looked like:

Everyone loves Clueless, right? The yellow jacket is classic, and even Iggy Azalea used it for her Fancy music video. The style has endured far longer than Azalea's career.

Next is another classic film, Eddie Murphy's African royalty from Coming to America:

And who says you need to pick an established film or television character? Sometimes, all you need is a little girl who went viral for having tons of cotton candy on her mouth. Seriously. That's this one.

I honestly forget which movie this next one is from, but I'm sure I've seen it, though it's lost to my mind.

I love this one - Katt Williams, famous for wrestling high schoolers and getting beaten up by them. Katt is really out here.

Some icons come with hamburgers, like Wendy:

Female Trump is nightmare-inducing but also kind of great.

Everyone on Earth loves Bob's Burgers, right? Ashley pulled it off perfectly. Arguably the best of the pack.

Now we've got Steve Urkel, in another excellent move.

A beauty classic, amazing actress, Audrey Hepburn - Larry David's favorite film star, mind you. Alongside the young Sophia Loren, of course.

Tyler the Creator with a wig? I honestly don't know.

Remember the creepy dentist girl from Finding Nemo? Well, she's back...

It's not Old Man Jenkins, but it's his brother or something.

Rick Sanchez, certified atheist man-God.

No famous character here, just a lot of talented framing.

This is brilliant. Jim and Pam, everyone's favorite couple from The Office.

Zayn Malik has gotten quite popular lately.

Macauley Culkin, everybody.

David Bowie thundercat kinda thing?

Oscar the Grouch in the garbage. Cookie Monster, too.

A truly contemporary reference, here we have legendary producer Metro Boomin.

Michelle from Full House.

Trolls, trolls everywhere.

Here's a collage with everyone, including an excellent Hermione Granger:

So, were your senior pictures this cool? I missed some of these references but it's a cool concept. What's next for the upcoming senior class? Pirate-themed? Rapper-themed? Maybe dress up as every member of Congress. I want to see a real mean-mugging Ted Cruz!